President Trump “Has Put His Boat In the Water For His Trip to Cross the Delaware… On Christmas Eve” – Attorney Lin Wood

Lots may be going on behind the scenes that very few are  aware of. Time will tell.

We know the President put into place an Executive Order where he mandated that the DNI (Ratcliffe) provide a report of election interference in the 2020 election from foreign sources and then the Attorney General is mandated to provide a report on how to address this interference. The Ratcliffe report was due a week ago and may have been provided earlier. The AG’s report might also have already been provided to the President.

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Last week President Trump signed another Executive Agreement that allowed the new Acting AG Jeffrey Rosen to use classified Intel for Grand Jury indictments. Before that the DOD removed protections from the CIA and FBI from meddling in the Durham indictments.

Today Lin Wood tweeted the following:

Sounds like @realDonaldTrump has put his boat in the water for his trip to cross the Delaware.

Tens of millions of Patriots are behind him ready to follow his lead.

On Christmas Eve.

History does repeat itself.

Lin Wood retweeted the following tweet about his Executive Order noted above:

200 years after Washington’s great crossing that ignited hope and ultimately won the Revolutionary war will we see another Christmas miracle?

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