WHAT NOW? The Fight for Our Freedom Continues Despite SCOTUS Ruling on Texas

In a shock to all who value justice, the Supreme Court turned down the Texas 2020 election case:

SCOTUS claims Texas did not demonstrate a judicially recognizable interest in the manner! 

So individuals can take over the election process in certain predetermined states, enough to steal the Presidency or the House and that’s ok?  There’s no impact on the rest of the country?  A man who’s made billions on other countries at the expense of American citizens can steal an election using every possible opportunity to manufacture votes and steal votes from his opponent and it has no impact on average hard working tax paying Americans? 

No one in their right mind believes Biden won this election and most Americans believe he stole it!

Tonight they’re drinking champagne in China.

(But the ruling by the court was based on the jurisdiction and not the merits so there may be some hope.)

So what now?

We will pray and fight but stopping the steal depends on President Trump.  Will he fight on?  Will he drop something big?

There are still court cases in nearly every state of concern.  Below is our understanding of open cases as of Friday night:

In Pennsylvania Rudy has a case he plans to take to the US Supreme Court.  The couple congressmen from Pennsylvania still have a case at the US Supreme Court where they argue that how absentee ballots were processed in the state was unconstitutional.

In Michigan an Obama judge threw out Sidney Powell’s case claiming massive corruption in the election process in the state.  The judge must think carting tens of thousands of ballots into a counting area with no Republicans present is entirely fine.  Powell has suggested she will forward this to the US Supreme Court.

In Georgia Lin Wood has a case now at the Supreme Court.  Sidney Powell has a case which was thrown out which she plans to bring to the Supreme Court.  President Trump has filed an emergency petition with the Supreme Court in Georgia.

In Arizona the RNC and Sidney Powell both have cases they are sending to the Supreme Court.

In Wisconsin President Trump has a case in progress with the Wisconsin Elections Commission.

In Nevada its Supreme Court dismissed President Trump’s election appeal.  We are not sure if this is going on to the US Supreme Court or not.


We have to decide are we willing to live in a country where Obama judges ignore justice and rule on their own desires?

Are we willing to live in a country where the FBI attacks honest courageous Americans for calling out corruption rather than deal with the criminals committing the corruption?

Are we willing to live in a country where hard-working Americans pay for government excess and corruption while Democrats create non-profits so they don’t have to pay taxes?

Do we want to live where the upper crust makes millions and billions sending our jobs overseas while allowing anyone to cross our borders?

Do we want to live where babies who miraculously survive abortion are murdered?

Do we want to live where you are forced to wear a mask to stop a cold- like- flu that those under 75 are virtually immune to or be forced to take vaccines that may make us sick?

Do we want to live where Big Media is worse than the Pravda and Big Tech is worse – where lies are the truth and the truth is lies and where our every step and word are observed or censored?

None of us want any of this.  Today we fight on.  We will never surrender our freedom.  We will work through the courts and fight for justice.  But we will never live in tyranny.

We at the Gateway Pundit will continue to share the truth!

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