IT’S GONNA GET REAL – REAL SOON: President Trump Still Has More Paths (13) to Win 2020 Election Than Biden (10)

Based on actual results and accounting for states currently recounting or states with election issues now in the courts, President Trump is in the lead in the 2020 Presidential Election.

Here is what we currently know in reference to the 2020 Presidential election. A number of states have been called but a number are still in question. Here is a list of those in question.

Pennsylvania – perhaps no state in US history was involved in more fraud during an election than Pennsylvania this year.  President Trump was up by 700,000 votes on election night but then ballots started appearing out of nowhere to give Biden the lead.  We now know that truckloads of ballots were being shipped from New York to Pennsylvania in the days surrounding the election.

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Despite unbelievable corruption and fraud, the Democrats who run the state claim Biden is the winner. Rudy Giuliani visited Pennsylvania and went through the plethora of fraud involved in the 2020 election (and this was before the truckloads of ballots entering the state from New York were reported). There is no way an honest person would claim that the current results there are legit after watching that hearing. Giuliani has a case moving forward through the courts which will reverse hundreds of thousands of votes in the state which showed up after the election and were counted illegally.  Once the case is heard in front of a just court, Trump will win Pennsylvania.

Wisconsin – this state as well now shows Biden in the lead but early in the morning after the election more than 100,000 votes magically appeared in Milwaukee.  The Trump team has now filed a court case in Wisconsin claiming thousands of votes were counted there which were illegitimate that went for Biden.  This court case is ongoing as well.  The current lead for Biden is only 20,000. The recount or the results of a just court case will likely end with this state landing in the Trump column.

Michigan – this state is also full of fraud. Democrat leaders here did all they could to steal the election for Biden. Like Wisconsin, there were over 100,000 votes dumped in Detroit on election night and the lead here was stolen from Trump as a result. Sidney Powell filed a complaint against the corrupt Democrats running the state. This case is ongoing. Once the illegal votes are eliminated President Trump has a very good chance of winning this state as well.

Georgia – this state too has much fraud. The President was winning this state on election night by 100,000 votes. But then the counting in Atlanta abruptly stopped due to a water main break at the center where votes were being counted. There is no support for the water main break happening. After the election, a program was put in place to basically harvest a number of ballots to give Biden the lead which currently stands at around 13,000. There are two cases now in the courts, one initiated by Lin Wood and another by Sidney Powell. When brought in front of a just court Trump will win this state.  In addition, thousands of ballots have been identified that when addressed would put this state in the Trump column but with corrupt Republicans and Democrats running the state, these fraudulent votes will never be addressed.

Nevada – there is much fraud here as well. Signatures were not verified on hundreds of thousands of votes. It is likely that President Trump will win this state if any of the ineligible votes are eliminated here as well. There are cases outstanding in Nevada as well. Biden currently leads by 34,000.

Arizona – for weeks no one knew what the hell was going on in Arizona.  Then on Monday while Giuliani was presenting various cased of massive fraud, the Republican Governor signed off on the state’s results for Biden.  Last night however, a small sample of votes showed 3% of votes were fraudulently recorded for Biden.  Because of this, a recount has been granted.  Currently Biden shows ahead with the the fraud and corruption by 11,000 votes.

(Barbara Boyd at offers more on the various suits around the country.)

When accounting for the above states with cases in the courts, President Trump is leading Joe Biden with 232 electoral college votes to 227 for Biden.

When accounting for the court cases related to all the fraud, the President has 13 different roads to win the election:

Biden only has 10 avenues to win the election:

There are actually 3 ways that the election could end up in a tie:

Currently State legislatures appear afraid to step in and call out the fraud in this year’s election and address it.  These mostly Republican-led legislatures are apparently fine with massive fraud stealing our election.  The Democrats are silent as they all know that if anyone raises their hand and says they oppose the fraud in this year’s election results, they will be ostracized from politics.  Republicans are much the same.

Big Media will not report on the fraud and Big Tech censors any mention of it, even coming from the President.  No doubt China and other foreigners are behind the steal.  They hate Trump because he is for the American people.

Some Senators are planning a trip to Georgia to rally for Republican Senator candidates there.  They won’t do the same for the President however, and they should.  They really think that this will help the US Senate stay in Republican hands with the same corrupt Georgia Governor, Secretary of State and voting machines and processes in place for the upcoming Senate races that were used to steal the 2020 Presidential election.  No doubt many individuals in addition to the President had their seats stolen from them as well.  The whole election was a fraud but they don’t see it.  President Trump’s win will seal the Senate for the Republicans as well.

Americans and President Trump see it.  Everyone is talking about it.  The more they tried to cover up and hide the truth, the more shiny and brilliant it appears.  What are they all going to do and say when ethical courts step in and negate the fraud one by one, state by state?

If Americans and President Trump obtain fair verdicts in court decisions, President Trump will be declared the winner of the 2020 election. This election is not over, it is still in the courts’ hands.

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