George W. Bush Appointed Judge Who Enforced Court’s Ruling on Removing 10 Commandments from Alabama Courthouse Denies Lin Wood Suit in Georgia

Judge William Pryor declined today Lin Wood’s appeal and request to “enjoin certification of the general election results [in Georgia], to secure a new recount under different rules, and to establish new rules for an upcoming runoff election”.

Judge Pryor for the 11th Circuit is famous for enforcing a radical judge’s ruling to remove the 10 commandments from a court house in Alabama.  A now well-known local judge refused to enforce the ruling and for that he was removed from the bench:

Alabama’s judicial ethics panel removed Chief Justice Roy Moore from office Thursday for defying a federal judge’s order to move a Ten Commandments monument from the state Supreme Court building.

The nine-member Court of the Judiciary issued its unanimous decision after a one-day trial Wednesday.

Today Judge Pryor, who was appointed by the younger Bush, refused Lin Wood’s appeal in Georgia:

This appeal requires us to decide whether we have jurisdiction over an appeal from the denial of a request for emergency relief in a post-election lawsuit.  Ten days after the presidential election, L. Lin Wood Jr., a Georgia voter, sued state election officials to enjoin certification of the general election results, to secure a new recount under different rules, and to establish new rules for an upcoming runoff election. Wood alleged that the extant absentee-ballot and recount procedures violated Georgia law and, as a result, his federal constitutional rights. After Wood moved for emergency relief, the district court denied his motion. We agree with the district court that Wood lacks standing to sue because he fails to allege a particularized injury. And because Georgia has already certified its election results and its slate of presidential electors, Wood’s requests for emergency relief are moot to the extent they concern the 2020 election. The Constitution makes clear that federal courts are courts of limited jurisdiction, U.S. Const. art. III; we may not entertain post-election contests about garden-variety issues of vote counting and misconduct that may properly be filed in state courts. We affirm.

Woods argued that the Georgia law is clear and that the executive branch consisting of a crooked governor, secretary of state and another guy named Gabriel Sterling, changed the law related to absentee ballots, and they had no right to do so.  Wood succinctly showed that the right to change the law was a legislative right and it didn’t reside with these corrupt individuals.

In the refusal, Judge Pryor makes the following arguments as noted above:

  1. He says Woods wasn’t distinct enough in labeling his injury.  But the entire state and nation are injured by corrupt individuals stealing the Presidential election away from President Trump in Georgia.  The amount of corruption related to these ballots is astounding.  The fact that a judge can’t see this is puzzling.
  2. Pryor also states that Georgia has already certified their results.  But this also discounts the massive fraud.  The President hasn’t been confirmed and the inauguration is months away.  The fraud in Georgia led to a Biden win which didn’t occur.  How the hell can the judge make this assertion that it is already over?
  3. Then Pryor says the actions in Georgia were garden variety issues.  How outrageous!  This judge knows that ballots were pulled out from under tables in Atlanta to count fraudulent absentee ballots for Joe Biden after sending the Republicans home.

There was nothing, absolutely nothing, garden variety about the election fraud in Georgia and many other states during the 2020 election.  This election is the greatest fraud in US history and this ruling further confirms this truth.

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