CNN Activist-Reporter Jim Acosta Admits He Won’t Cover Biden as Aggressively as Trump

CNN’s White House activist-“reporter” Jim Acosta is openly admitting that they will not be covering a Biden administration as aggressively as they went after President Donald Trump.

In an article for the Atlantic about how reporters plan to cover a potential Biden admin, Acosta said that “he doesn’t expect to bring the same crusading style to his coverage of the next administration.”

“I don’t think the press should be trying to whip up the Biden presidency and turn it into must-see TV in a contrived way,” Acosta said.

The Atlantic article went on to say “If that sounds like a double standard, Acosta told me it’s not partisan—it’s a matter of professional solidarity. In his view, Trump’s campaign to discredit the press has constituted a ‘nonstop national emergency,’ one that required a defiant response. ‘If being at the White House is not an experience that might merit hazard pay,’ he said, ‘then perhaps it is going to be approached differently.'”

It should be noted that while Acosta has screeched like a banshee about how saying mean things about reporters is an “attack on the free press,” he has not stood up for actual imprisoned journalists like Julian Assange. It was always about trying to make himself the center of any given story. He loved the attention.

Meanwhile, Washington Post reporter Philip Rucker is hoping that he can still cash in on some of the good Trump outrage bait even after he leaves office, instead of concerning himself with Biden.

“You’re going to have a former president pretending he really won the election, threatening to run again in 2024,” he told me. “You’re going to have a Republican Party torn between Trump allegiance and a desire to cleanse itself of these past four years.”


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