China Furthers Its Hong Kong Takeover – Now Politicians Who Spoke Out About China Are Targeted and Arrested

China imposes its will on Hong Kong.

Over the past year China has tortured the people of the friendly city – country of Hong Kong.  This once great British colony was turned over to the Chinese in the late 1990’s.  Despite China’s promises to not interfere with the country for 50 years, China has slowly infiltrated the government and culture.

Last year protesters of the China takeover were active in the streets but then COVID hit and the city has been shut down for nearly a year.  Small businesses are in ruins and the world class airport which once bragged about being the best in the world with 250,000 travelers a day is down to only a few thousand. It’s as if China is punishing Hong Kong for being out of line.  Nothing happens in Hong Kong any more without China’s permission. 

In June China instituted a law to arrest and imprison any member of the country who speaks out against China and they are moving forward with the implementation of that law.  Numerous activists have gone missing after being shipped to China.

CBS reports on the recent arrests in Hong Kong.  (Note the area known as Hong Kong was its own country but now, in compliance with the China narravite, CBS labels Hong Kong the “semi-autonomous Chinese city”):

Hong Kong police on Tuesday arrested eight pro-democracy activists over their role in an unauthorized protest last summer, widening a crackdown on dissent in the semi-autonomous Chinese city. The arrests, which included several former lawmakers, are tied to a July 1 demonstration in which thousands defied a protest ban and rallied on the streets against a national security law imposed on the city by China‘s central government in Beijing the day before.

Former pro-democracy lawmakers Wu Chi-wai, Eddie Chu and Leung Kwok Hung were arrested at their homes on charges related to organizing and participating in the protest, according to Facebook posts on their respective pages.

Here are pictures of some politicians who were arrested:

Media mogul Jimmy Lai was also recently arrested for speaking wrongly about China:

Hong Kong is now a police state:

Is this want the Democrats and China want for the US?

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