Chaos in DC: Antifa Attacking Trump Supporters With Fireworks, Mace — ‘Thousands’ of Proud Boys Patrolling the Streets (VIDEOS)

Chaos is unfolding in DC on Saturday evening, as Antifa lobbed fireworks and attacked random Trump supporters outside of their hotels following a massive Stop the Steal March.

Thousands of Proud Boys are patrolling the streets and have repeatedly faced off with the far-left extremists. At least one Proud Boy was stabbed.

Though Antifa are currently outnumbered in the city, they have been targeting smaller groups that they encounter with fireworks and other projectiles.

A Christian couple who were split from the larger groups were also targeted and attacked with mace.

In another attack on an individual, Antifa used lasers to blind a man before knocking his iPad out of his hands.

Proud Boys have been urging police to go home and let them clean up the streets “for good.”

The situation in DC is ongoing and the Gateway Pundit will be providing updates as the evening progresses.


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