BREAKING: Christmas Day Explosion in Nashville Deemed ‘Intentional’ By Police (VIDEOS)

A massive explosion in downtown Nashville that sent debris multiple city blocks has been deemed “intentional” by investigators.

The Christmas Day explosion came from an RV — and could be seen “miles away” according to reports.

“MNPD, FBI & ATF investigating the 6:30 a.m. explosion on 2nd Ave N linked to a vehicle. This appears to have been an intentional act. Law enforcement is closing downtown streets as investigation continues,” the MNPD tweeted.

“Police responded to reports of a suspicious vehicle parked outside the AT&T building just before 6 a.m. Upon arrival, police said an officer ‘had reason’ to alert the department’s hazardous devices unit, which was en route, when a ‘significant explosion’ happened,” the Tennessean reports.

Three people were hospitalized with injuries. First responders were unable to begin searching buildings until they were cleared by the bomb squad, but have search and rescue and cadaver dogs on the scene.

There have been reports of gunfire before and after the explosion — as well as live ammo exploding inside of a vehicle that was ablaze.

“Explosion in downtown Nashville, apparently from parked vehicle on 2nd Ave. Fire department personnel being told to pull back two blocks from explosion site, concerned about potential vehicle bombs. Police bomb squad and fire hazmat team on scene,” local reporter Phil Williams tweeted.

There are reports of heavy structural damage for at least one block and possible fatalities, as well as debris being recovered several city blocks in multiple directions.

“Debris was ejected quite far. Some as far as 4-5 blocks away.Debris was ejected quite far. Some as far as 4-5 blocks away,” Aurora Intel tweeted.

At least two vehicles were on fire near the blast site, with live rounds popping off due to fire, a man named Drew Small reported on Twitter.

“Explosion shook my house miles away in South Nashville. We could see the mushroom cloud from the initial blast from our house. Been carefully listening to emergency radio,” Small wrote.

The Metro Nashville Police tweeted shortly after 9 a.m. that “an explosion linked to a vehicle occurred at 6:30 this morning outside 166 2nd Ave N downtown. Investigation active by MNPD & federal partners.”

This incident is ongoing and Gateway Pundit will be providing updates as more information becomes available.


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