BREAKING: Arizona Patriots Identify Between 160,000 to 400,000 ‘Phantom’ Ballots In Their State 2020 Election Results

As we noted earlier, a group of patriots in Arizona held a presentation this evening outside the capitol in Arizona.

Press Conference at AZ State Capitol – Citizen Investigation Uncovers Thousands of Illegal Votes in Arizona at 6 PM — LIVE-STREAM RSBN VIDEO

Arizona Patriots held the rally at the Arizona state capitol and their accounts were shocking.

An estimate by these patriots in Arizona is that between 160,000 and 400,000 ‘phantom’ ballots are present in Arizona’s 2020 election results:

A number of ordinary Americans gave their stories of what they did and what they found out.  These modern day patriots had numerous stories of voter and election fraud.  One patriot for example, looked up the addresses for individuals who were listed as voting in the election and the name connected to the address in 11 cases was ‘Unknown Voter’:

The ballots in Arizona should be investigated.  Let’s hope they are wise enough to bring in Jevon Pulitzer to perform a review of the paper ballots in Maricopa County like he is now doing in Fulton County Georgia.

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