Assange’s Fiancé: ‘If I Could Speak to the President, I Would Tell Him Julian’s Liberty and the Liberty of the United States Hang Together’

In a moving and heartfelt interview with Revolver News, Julian Assange’s fiancé explained that “Julian’s liberty and the liberty of the United States hang together.”

During the interview, Stella Moris, the mother of Assange’s two young children, explained what she would say to President Trump, if she was given the opportunity to speak to him personally.

“If I could speak to the President, I would tell him that Julian’s liberty and the liberty of the United States hang together. The President can save Julian, he can save our family, and he can save the First Amendment with a single stroke of his pen. It is in his power to do so. He is the only one who can do it, and he can do it today. He can do it now. Please — let him come home to his little boys. Save Julian’s life, save our freedoms and save the future of America,” Moris said.

She went on to explain, “I have a vision that the President will pardon Julian and that he will see freedom after years of confinement. I imagine Julian walking out past the razor-wire that surrounds Belmarsh prison, and into my arms and those of our children. I imagine my tears of joy and the cheers of millions throughout the US and around the world. I imagine us going for long walks in the countryside, and Julian growing strong and healthy again. I imagine him giving interviews, writing books and campaigning for our freedom of speech like the Julian I know.”

“It is clear that the overwhelming majority of the President’s supporters want to see this pardon and also share this vision,” she added. “If Julian dies or winds up in a US prison for life, which is a very serious risk if there is no pardon, the President will be blamed forever. It will take decades to claw back the freedoms we have enjoyed for so long. The mutual embrace of the twin evils of the collapse of the First Amendment and Internet censorship will cause irreversible damage and it might be too late for us all.”

Moris also explained that “this is an unconstitutional, political case that has bent the law to suit its political objective. It turns necessary journalistic practices — communicating with a source and having and publishing true information — into crimes.”

The jawdropping interview also covers how Assange believed that, like his own, the prosecutions of Roger Stone and General Mike Flynn were political.

“The interest in prosecuting Flynn was because of his political position. Roger Stone’s prosecution was also clearly politically motivated. Contrast these with James Clapper, who lied multiple times to Congress. Lying to Congress about illegal spying on the entire U.S. population is surely one of the gravest lies ever told to Congress. Clapper has escaped prosecution, Stone and Flynn have not,” Moris said.

Read the full interview on Revolver News, it’s most definitely worth your time.


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