WATCH: Rebel News Reporter Escorted From Dominion Building After Discovering That They Share Office Floor With Soros-Linked Group

Rebel News journalist Keean Bexte was escorted from the Dominion Voting office in Toronto after uncovering that they share a building with a George Soros-linked group.

Dominion Voting, who supplies voting machines to multiple swing states, has been under fire since it was revealed that their machines created a 6,000 vote swing in a single Michigan state county.

Bexte visited the Dominion Voting building located at 215 Spadina Avenue in Toronto in an effort to get some answers. He discovered that the vote tabulation company shares an office floor with an organization called Tides, which recently changed its name to Make Way.

Bexte wrote that the organization is0 “an extreme left eco-radical charity that directs cash supplied by George Soros to smaller groups and organizations to advance the globalist agenda of Soros.”

The close proximity of these organizations has left Bexte with many questions, including whether or not radical employees of George Soros able to access the same desks, filing cabinets, servers, and Wi-Fi of Dominion Voting and if any extra security protocols taken to ensure no voting data or proprietary information is protected.

When he attempted to get those answers, he was escorted from the building.

“Further to the suspect office floor sharing, Dominion Voting also showed their hand when documents surfaced showing they donated between $25,000 and $50,000 to Hillary Clinton’s personal foundation, a charity tied closely to the Tides Foundation. George Soros actually donated over $9.5M to Hillary Clinton’s election campaign,” Bexte reports.


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