WATCH LIVE ON RSBN: Million MAGA March For President Trump in DC

Patriots from all over the country marched in Washington, DC on Saturday showing their support for President Trump and demanding a free and fair election.

The corrupt Democrat-Marxist machine is brazenly trying to steal the 2020 election.

GOP observers have been blocked from monitoring ballot counters in Wisconsin, Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania and Georgia.

President Trump was ahead on election night in all of these states until massive ballot dumps only for Joe Biden appeared in the dead of the night when no one was watching.

Trump supporters are marching to the Supreme Court on Saturday demanding transparency.

President Trump made an appearance on Saturday in his motorcade.

The motorcade took Trump in a loop around Freedom Plaza, located a block or two east of the White House, as he waved to cheering supporters who rushed the motorcade while Secret Service agents provided a moving human barrier.


Here is a video Chris sent us from the march.