WATCH: CNN’s Chris Cuomo Threatens Republicans, Says They Are ‘Going to Lose Way More Than the Election’

Far-left activist and CNN host Chris Cuomo appeared to threaten the lives of Republican politicians during a segment on Wednesday night.

In an unhinged rant, Cuomo said that the GOP is “cold-blooded” and declared that “they are going to lose way more than this election.”

“Shame on them. A wax museum is less cold-blooded than these people are. And let them know they are going to lose way more than this election,” the anchor hissed.

I’m telling you. Remember the people who are enabling this fraud. They must answer for defending Trump’s delusions,” Cuomo said, echoing the sentiments of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who called for Trump “enablers” to be put on lists.

Newsbusters noted that in the past, Cuomo “has threatened to seriously injure a Trump supporter by throwing him down a flight of stairs, and more recently, he said he wanted to ‘choke’ and ‘punch’ his critics. And in his rant that openly admitted he was politicizing Veterans Day, he let it be known how much he hated Republicans.”


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