WATCH: Black Lives Matter Crashes Biden Celebration, Say Democrats Who Won’t Raise Their Fists Are ‘Just as Racist’ as ‘Police Killing Black People’

Black Lives Matter and Antifa marched into a crowd of Joe Biden supporters who were partying outside the White House on Saturday evening and told them that if they do not comply with their demands that they are racists.

Black Lives Matter was joined with an Antifa group that calls themselves the “They/Them Collective.”

The group declared that anyone who did not raise their fist in solidarity with the Marxist movement are “just as racist as police officers that are killing Black people.”

“For all of you fucking journalists, for all of you white liberals, who have been celebrating, getting drunk off your asses about Biden winning this election, you are all a bunch of fucking fools,” one of the demonstrators said. “Get it together.”

Footage of the incident was captured by independent journalist Ford Fischer.

Fischer also noted that social distancing was not possible at the crowded street party.


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