Send a Note of Support to President Trump and His Team

A grassroots volunteer group from across the country is leading an effort to share a powerful and visual show of support to President Trump and his team with The Million Letter March and bypass the censorship of social media and the mainstream media.


“Our goal is to break through the barriers of runaway censorship and get the President of our great nation, an encouraging message of support and thanks directly from WE THE PEOPLE!

We want the President to investigate the discrepancies in our electoral process. These are historic times in our country and it’s time to take a stand against corruption and support our President and his team while they are in the thick of this battle.”


It would mean the WORLD to The Trump Team to receive this gift of love from America right now.

To learn more about The Million Letter March and download the letter template visit:

Or visit them on Facebook:  Nhóm Facebook


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