RIGGED ELECTION: Biden Won 477 Counties vs Obama Who Won 689 in 2012 – Yet Biden Magically Gained 13 Million More Votes Than Obama

Joe Biden is the worst presidential candidate the Democrats ever nominated.

Biden couldn’t get anyone to attend his boring and awkward drive-in rallies so his campaign used Covid as a cover.

78-year-old Joe Biden can’t even form a coherent sentence. Hardly anyone listens to his speeches and in reality, hardly anyone actually voted for him.

The Democrats knew that Joe Biden had no charisma and virtually no support so they relied on their massive vote fraud organization (Joe Biden’s own words) in order to drag the demented fool across the finish line.

Joe Biden underperformed Barack Obama’s 2012 numbers everywhere except for the cities in the states he is trying to steal.

Biden lost 212 more counties than Barack Obama did in 2012 (Biden won 477 counties vs Obama who won 689), yet Biden magically gained 13 million more votes than Obama?

Joe Biden also underperformed Hillary Clinton’s 2016 numbers everywhere except for the cities in a few states he is trying to steal.

This is statistically impossible, says Trump camp’s Steve Cortes.

Biden only won 1/6th of all counties, and failed to outperform 2016 in the largest counties, yet he won millions more votes than President Trump, Hillary or Barack Obama?

Watch the numbers that point to fraud:

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