Obama-era Hatchet-Man Appointed by DOJ to ‘Prosecute’ Election Crime: Conservatives Beware! Here comes the cover-up…

The DOJ appointed Robert Heberle, the acting Chief of the “Public Integrity Section” (PIS) of the Criminal Division of the Department, to investigate and prosecute “election related” crimes two weeks ago. This followed in the wake of the very public resignation of the prior prosecutor who refused to follow the President’s agenda. Heberle and PIS are notorious for prosecuting conservatives and being hitmen for conservative politicians.

Conservatives beware!


Heberle is a 36 year old Yale Law graduate, and is known for the prosecution of innocent Congressman Steve Stockman, convicted of fraud when both donors in his trial admitted that they were not defrauded, did not feel defrauded, and where all the government witnesses admitted there was no fraudulent scheme pushed upon those donors. Stockman is serving a ten-year prison sentence for fundraising crimes, even though by all accounts he did not take the money involved.

Heberle started at the Department of Justice’s PIS in 2011 at the height of Obama’s power, and official crimes and executive branch reign of terror. 

Heberle has been part of a DOJ Section – PIS – that is notorious for flawed political prosecutions, most notably that of former Senator Ted Stevens.  Stevens was ultimately exonerated by the Court prior to sentencing only because an internal FBI whistleblower came forward to say that critical witnesses were coerced, evidence of innocence was withheld, estimates used to indict Stevens were completely fabricated, and trial witnesses that were harmful to the government’s prosecution were flown out of the area to make them impossible to find. The crimes of this Section were so serious they caused former Attorney General Holder to immediately dismiss the case and order an internal investigation. That investigation about prosecutorial misconduct caused prosecutor Nicholas Marsh to commit suicide

DOJ has no qualms about using prosecutions to affect elections and outcomes. Taking out Sen. Stevens was critical to giving Democrats the 60th vote for Obamacare.

The “Public Integrity Section” that Heberle comes out of also engaged in the spurious prosecution fo Ron Paul staffers Jesse Benton and Dmitri Kesari, over paperwork crimes that came down to the manner in which they reported expenses on campaign finance forms, and whether it was accurate to classify a vendor payment as also enticing a sitting State Senator to change his political allegiance. Benton served probation and Kesari served 90 pointless days for that paperwork crime.

DOJ harassment of minor violations of campaign finance, and avoidance of any voter fraud prosecutions, shows they lack the “integrity” they purport to uphold, and that their intent is not to seek justice.  PIS is a modern-day inquisition to terrorize political enemies of the deep state. It doesn’t burn folks at the stake or break them on the wheel.  It destroys their lives, bankrupts them with crushing legal defense and, innocent or not, tosses them in jail and throws away the key. 

Gateway Pundit General Counsel John Burns, who litigated against Heberle, had this to say about him: “I saw this worm up close, we all called him ‘Doogie Howser’ because of his unbridled ambition and his smug arrogance, I have no doubt he will see a promotion potential in covering up voter fraud and further persecuting conservatives. He got a little notch in his career from putting innocent people in prison for a decade and I have no doubt he’s going to keep doing the same, the man is the scum of the Earth. He’s deep state cancer. No doubt he looks up to Andrew Weissman, that sociopathic Torquemada, for inspiration.

The “Public Integrity Section” persecuted pro-Trump conservative former State Senator Jon Woods of Arkansas, alleging a complicated scheme of government grants and kickbacks, none of which benefited or went into the pockets of Woods. Woods was convicted of the movement of money in ways the law permitted, but the prosecutors disliked. When mounting his appeal that would demonstrate his innocence, the FBI destroyed all the critical evidence by wiping a laptop and claimed it was an accident, causing the appellate court to deny Woods any chance at freedom despite his obvious innocence.

If Defendants acted as the DOJ regularly does, they would face additional charges for obstruction of justice. The DOJ never faces this scrutiny, because political hack federal judges are either in on the fix or, perhaps a more charitable view: federal judges view themselves as an extension of the prosecution.  Like PIS, Federal judges are corrupt, and a national disgrace.

Philip Zodhiates ran a direct mail fundraising firm that catered to conservative elected officials and pro-life groups, among others, named Response Unlimited. The Department of Justice told him they were seeking a ten year sentence for Zodhiates having given a woman in his church an 8 hour car ride from Virginia to Buffalo: the woman and her daughter were fleeing an abusive relationship and the fleeing woman did not have court custody of the child. DOJ offered Zodhiates probation if he testified against conservative Liberty University to aid in the DOJ harassment of conservative institutions, Zodhiates refused and is serving a three year sentence due to be released next year.

Conservative political prisoners in America are excessively punished for minor transgressions or in some cases, for invented crimes.

The targets of the Department of Justice are conservatives who might launch a campaign for Senate, critical figures within the conservative movement, and potential future candidates. Their selection of cases shows their biases.

The endless corruption of the Department of Justice was seen for years as simply part of Trump Derangement Syndrome.  But, it didn’t start in reaction to Trump.  Its documented hostility and animus towards conservatives, and willingness to abuse the law to achieve those political ends, goes back decades.  It also shows that they will not investigate any credible accusation of voter fraud and will instead continue their campaign of oppression, intimidation, and terror.  These people are paid by your taxes, and their job is to oppress you and ensure you remain a pet peasant without consequence.

Heberle’s Facebook makes him seem like a human being, with travel photos and family photos. His family and siblings are also in the public eye, with a sister pictured below who is a Dallas-area model, one sibling persecuting the public and the other entertaining the public.





















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