MICHIGAN WITNESS: I Saw the Detroit Plan to Destroy All Provisional Ballots, Hurt Republicans (VIDEO)

Whistleblower from #DetroitLeaks comes forward

Michigan activist Adam de Angeli has come forward to disclose that he was the whistleblower behind #DetroitLeaks, that showed the plan to make the steal.

The #DetroitLeaks series suggests that there was an official plan all along to commit voter fraud and cover it up.

#DetroitLeaks was a series of articles published at Big League Politics by intrepid journalist Shane Trejo that showed Detroit training poll workers on how to cover-up voter fraud, destroy ballots from people they didn’t like, and use COVID as a bad faith excuse to keep Republicans away.

According to Detroit officials, only Republicans carry COVID.

If someone came to vote on election day and the system showed that an absentee ballot had already been received, possibly due to voter fraud, the official training to poll workers was to mislead voters into casting a provisional ballot that would be destroyed. According to de Angeli this was the instruction from City of Detroit worker “Miss Tyra.” 

These audio recordings were so explosive that the far-left Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel sent a ‘cease and desist’ letter to Big League/Trejo to demand that they take the letter down, otherwise they would face criminal prosecution! That story was exclusively broken by the Gateway Pundit earlier this month.

de Angeli went through multiple trainings for Detroit Poll Workers and recorded the trainings on his phone. “It occurred to me that something interesting might be said” during the training.

At both trainings, the instructors were proudly telling official Detroit poll workers how to prevent Republican poll challengers from seeing ballots so they could not inspect them, and could not perform their legal duties to prevent voter fraud.

Instructors trained poll workers to call 9-1-1 or the police if Republicans did things they did not like.

de Angeli says that he was unable to get hired as a Republican poll worker because he followed the official process, which he believes was set up to specifically prevent Republicans from becoming poll workers.

This training also included instruction to accept any printout to verify identity so that someone could vote, a process that he said lacked any security. 

Detroit election security was such a joke, according to de Angeli, the tabulator passwords were taped on the machines and were simply the election date: 11032020. “I assume that was the password on all machines citywide.” In the trainings, he noted that it was obvious that these had been the password used for YEARS. The machines also required a ‘dongle’, an insertable device, along with the password to operate the machines but de Angeli said he felt the level of election security was a JOKE.

According to de Angeli there was no effective voter security in Detroit.

He was instructed to let people vote twice with duplicate entries in the voter.

“Once a ballot is given and goes into the tabulator, there’s no way to determine which one is which.”

When asked if one could catch voter fraud in Michigan’s elections, “I don’t think there’s any way to do that.”

“There was no way to enforce the rules.”

de Angeli also notes that there was specific tape used to process ‘challenged ballots’ and count them along with all the others. And he said the official training told poll workers to effectively ignore ballot challenges, a prediction that matches many other eyewitness accounts on election night at the TCF Center.

Republicans were kept out of being poll workers, a more official position that would have given them a better chance to protect the vote. Oddly, he also reports that many of the poll workers at the trainings he attended were teenaged young men. He was told by instructors that many of the overall poll workers were teen men.

Many witnesses have described that Detroit’s counting boards at TCF Center were incredibly unbalanced, with others being told that ‘not enough Republicans applied to be poll workers’ and many were turned away. 

According to de Angeli, it was DELIBERATE that Republicans were prevented from being in the room.

“Exactly what we were concerned with, ended up happening.” 

“The only way they acted the way they did, was if you were trying to fraud the vote. They were willing to do anything.

Social media companies have deleted #DetroitLeaks. PolitiFact tried to shamelessly ‘debunk’ the series by quoting the Detroit City Clerk Janice Winfrey, and by making wild factual claims without citation.


WATCH THE VIDEO: https://youtu.be/oH2gWMWKgwI


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