LAST MINUTE PANIC: Biden Camp Moves Goal Posts, Says Joe Biden Has Multiple Pathways to 270 without Pennsylvania and Florida

Joe Biden’s campaign is moving the goal posts on Election Day.

Biden’s campaign manager Jen O’Malley Dillon is now trying to manage expectations by claiming they can still win without Florida and Pennsylvania.

What happened to Joe Biden winning Florida and Pennsylvania in a landslide?

“We continue to have multiple pathways to 270 electoral votes,” Biden’s campaign manager said trying to assure voters they can win 270 even without Pennsylvania and Florida.

Florida is now a “coin toss” says Biden’s campaign manager as Biden gets curb stomped in early voter turnout in The Sunshine State.

But the media told us Biden was up by 12 points in Florida!

President Trump is crushing it in Florida, including blue counties such as Miami-Dade and Broward.

The Latinos in South Florida are coming out in droves and voting for President Trump.

Pennsylvania is looking good for President Trump as well.

Trump campaign senior advisor Steve Cortes on Tuesday said, “We are leading Pennsylvania. We are surging.”

“It’s fracking and faith—those are the two reasons I think we’re going to win Pennsylvania,” Steve Cortes said.


Whoever wins Florida generally wins the election.

Only two times since 1928 has Florida not gone to the winner of a US presidential election.

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