BREAKING UPDATE: Early Voter Turnout in Florida Indicates a Very Big Day for President Trump – New Update: Lead for Rs in FL is now over 200K

Early voting in the very important state of Florida is showing a very strong turnout for President Trump.

President Trump visited Democrat stronghold two nights ago and held a huge rally after midnight:

Today early voting out of Florida shows a likely Red Wave by day’s end:

A Florida County which Obama won in 2012 is currently showing President Trump annihilating Sleepy Joe Biden:

On the other hand, early results out of Democrat stronghold Broward County are abysmal:

It looks like Florida is voting for Trump and dancing to the song, ‘I will vote for Donald Trump’:

Why is this important?  The reason is because no President has won without winning Florida since 1996:

Clark, a UCF historian and political analyst, said it’s been almost 100 years since a Republican has won the White House without taking the state of Florida.

The last time it happened was in 1924 with President Calvin Coolidge, said Clark.

When it comes to Florida and it’s 29 electoral votes, the Interstate 4 corridor, through Central Florida to Tampa, is key in determining which way the purple state goes.

“They will determine who wins Florida; since 1996, whoever wins the majority of those seven counties has gone to the White House,” said Clark.

Today things are looking up for President Trump!

Update: Lead for Rs in FL is now over 127K

Quickly increasing:

UPDATE: The GOP Advantage is now OVER 200,000!

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