Federal Agent Who Intimidated and Coerced Pennsylvania USPS Whistleblower is a Trump-Hating Biden Supporter

Project Veritas Tuesday night released a video with USPS whistleblower Richard Hopkins asserting that he did not recant his allegations of election fraud, a lie that was published by the Washington Post.

Additionally, James O’Keefe posted recordings of federal agents attempting to coerce and intimidate Hopkins into recanting.

The tactics used to coerce and intimidate the USPS whistleblower is something you would see in a Communist country.

Mail-in ballots must be postmarked by Election Day to be considered valid and counted, per US law.

In the newly released recording, Agent Russell Strasser says that “I am trying to twist you a little bit.”

“We have senators involved. We have the Department of Justice involved. We have-” Strasser says.

The “burner” Twitter account for Federal Agent of the IG Office Russell Strasser reveals he is a Trump-hating Joe Biden supporter.

No wonder why he wanted to intimidate USPS whistleblower Richard Hopkins who went on record about Postmaster Rob Weisenbach’s orders to backdate ballots to November 3rd in Erie, Pennsylvania, so that late ballots would be accepted.

The Democrats’ strategy from the beginning was to flood the ballot boxes with millions of illegal mail-in ballots in order to steal the election from Trump after Election Day.

In fact, the Democrats admitted they would do this and said Trump’s landslide victory on election night would be a “red mirage” because Democrats would continue to count (illegal) ballots for weeks until Joe Biden won.

Russell Strasser also believed in the “red mirage” and by intimidating Richard Hopkins he is trying to make sure that the Postmaster does not get exposed for backdating ballots.

Notice how Russell Strasser claimed “slow counted mail-ins would lean heavy blue.”

By slow counted, he is referring to the illegally backdated mail-in ballots being delivered to elections officials and going 100% for Joe Biden.

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