EXCLUSIVE: The Democrats’ Efforts to Hide Their Actions in Pennsylvania Will Likely Lead to President Trump Winning Pennsylvania

President Trump has the truth on his side.  When his campaign demanded transparency in the election process, his team was denied access.  This will come back to haunt the ever-corrupt Democrat Party, Big Tech and Big Media.

Corey Lewandowski from the Trump team spoke yesterday on how the Trump team had to get a court order to be allowed to review the ballot counting process in the state of Pennsylvania.  When they were finally given access, they were denied entry.  People who have nothing to hide don’t prevent transparency in reviewing their activities.  These are the acts of criminals.

Lewandowski described the Trump team’s ordeal on Lou Dobbs on FOX Business.

By hiding their activities the Democrats have prevented the proper review of the 1.3 million ballots counted in Pennsylvania during this time.

But the Democrats now have a couple legal problems.  For one, they broke the law in not permitting a review of their process in awarding 1 million of those ballots counted since the election for Biden which helped Biden overcome the President’s 700,000 vote lead.

And perhaps the most troubling problem for the Democrats now is that by preventing observers access to their no doubt criminal process for counting ballots in Michigan, they in a legal sense are admitting to committing the crimes they are trying to cover up.

(I am not an attorney, but this is from an attorney I spoke with today.)

When an individual prevents access to information or destroys information in a legal case there is the presumption that the individual committed the crime they are being accused of.  In this case the Democrats are committing voter fraud and preventing the Republicans from observing their process because if they did they would be caught.

At law, if a party to a lawsuit destroys or withholds information, this is called “spoliation of evidence.”  Any party that spoliates evidence is subject to court sanctions, including being forced to admit to a jury that the destroyed evidence would have shown their guilt.

Now this evening Justice Alito issued an order for Pennsylvania to set aside all ballots received after 8pm on election day in PA.

If and when this is addressed in front of a court, those votes which were counted during the period of spoliation may be excluded, thereby giving the President the victory in Pennsylvania and perhaps other states where this occurred, since the President was way ahead in the election on election night in these states.

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