Democrat Donna Shalala Goes Down In Flames As Republicans Pick Up Another Florida Congressional Seat

No, that’s not a picture of George Costanza’s mother, that’s soon-to-be ex-congresswoman Donna Shalala (D), who has lost re-election to Republican outsider Maria Elvira Salazar. Salazar wins the seat by 3 percentage points. This was yet another upset, as the Cook Political Report, Sabato, and Nathan Gonzalez all listed the seat as “likely” and “solid” democrat.

WSVN ABC Miami reports:

Republican Maria Elvira Salazar has defeated Democrat Donna Shalala for a U.S. House seat in Florida.

Salazar, a Spanish-language television newscaster, won in her second try for the office after Shalala prevailed in 2018.

The district covers much of the central Miami area and has generally been considered Democratic.

This was a rematch from the 2018 election, where Shalala won by 6 points. Salazar pulls off the upset in spite of another Republican, Frank Polo, staging a write in campaign.

Shalala had previously overseen the tanking of the Miami Hurricane’s football program during her term as University president.


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