109 Michigan Ballots Were Sent to an Insane Asylum, 1 Apparently Voted

Republicans complained for months about the potential for mail-in and absentee ballot fraud, but were told that it was safe, secure, and that important safeguards were in place to protect the vote. Now it emerges that at least 109 Michigan ballots were sent to a Michigan insane asylum, the Center for Forensic Psychology, though only 1 apparently voted as of November 2nd.

This is important because it shows that there were few safeguards in place, and virtually no checking done by the Secretary of State and Clerks to ensure that the voting list was accurate and that the election had votes from valid voters who were not judged mentally insane. It also demonstrates that there were no safeguards in place to prevent large numbers of live ballots from being sent to the same location or address.

The facility, a 272 bed facility in Saline Michigan, 10 miles south of Ann Arbor, was the address with the single-most absentee ballots sent to it. Its website says that it handles individuals in the juvenile criminal justice system, but the list of 109 who received ballots, ranged in age from 20 to 81.

The one woman whose vote was received, Latina M. Hutton, 57, was indicted in 2019 for allegedly shooting and killing her husband in Oakland County and is currently held without bond at the facility.

Witnesses who observed voter fraud have approached the Gateway Pundit about absentee ballots being collected and voted on the day of the election in drop-boxes distributed around the city, knowing that the data of who voted would not be released until after the “safe harbor” window to challenge election results. This means that the information necessary to determine whether there was or was not widespread voter fraud will not be made available in this instance until it is too late to make a difference.

As of November 2, 2020 the State of Michigan had mailed out and received 3.2 million absentee ballots out of 3.4 million sent out, with Democrat Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson bragging that 97% of absentees were returned.

Staff at the Center for Forensic Psychology directed all calls to the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services’s Communications office. Calls to the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services, MDHHS, were not returned.

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