STUNNING: Libertarian VP Candidate’s Waffle House Tour in Ohio Is Outdrawing Joe Biden Rallies!

As Sleepy Joe Biden’s rallies continue to draw only a handful of supporters and are populated mostly by media, Libertarian Vice Presidential candidate, Spike Cohen, seems to have a bigger following than Creepy Joe. Cohen’s Waffle House tour across Ohio is drawing several Libertarian supporters and even some media.

No little six foot circles here, as Cohen addressed his crowds, many with the audacity to not even wear face masks (photos by activist Kryssi Wichers):

The tour was also designed to capture media attention with it’s absurdity. They accomplished just that, as WSYX in Ohio reported:

We’ll see if Ol’ Leg Hairs Joe can, you know, with the, the, the, uhhh the thing, c’mon man, you know, draw a crowd of supporters this size.


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