DANGER: St. Louis County Executive Sam Page Connected to Ballot-Harvesting Specialists Who Are Also Operating in Wisconsin and Pennsylvania

Guest post by Bill Hennessy

The Center for Tech and Civic Life is a far-left, insanely well-funded organization that specializes in ballot harvesting. And St. Louis County Executive Sam Page has taken grants from the firm to ensure the November 3 election goes the way he wants.

Page is in a tight race with Republican Paul Berry III. Page can’t afford any loose ends. Center for Tech and Civic Life is the Democrats’ go-to organization when voters threaten to get in the way of a Democrat win. Via the UNZ Review:

On Saturday, Sept. 26, as advertised by the Biden campaign, Madison poll workers turned out across the city to register voters and collect absentee ballots, even though in-person absentee ballot collection is not supposed to start until two weeks before Election Day, according to Wisconsin state election law. Several of McKenna’s listeners showed up to photograph the city government workers’ activities promoted by the Biden for President campaign. The poll workers stuffed ballots into “red zipper bags with no security whatsoever. The poll workers witnessed people’s (blank) ballots, just like you would if you did an in-person absentee ballot, threw them in the red zipper bags, and we don’t know what’s become of these ballots since,” McKenna told me.

This is called “ballot harvesting,” and is the Democrat Party’s latest tool to steal elections. As described by Bruce Bialosky at TownHall.com:

Ballot harvesting is the process where organized workers or volunteers–people you don’t know–collect absentee ballots from voters and drop them off at a polling place or election office. Nothing can go wrong there; right?…Orange County, California — which was a Republican stronghold for a long time — had 250,000 harvested ballots turned in on election day. **The Republicans have no infrastructure to pursue testing as to how or whether this process was manipulated or fraud was part of the process**.

Who organized and funded this ballot-harvesting event? Center for Tech and Civil Life, of course:

Now, enter a shady entity called the “Center for Tech and Civic Life.” It just so happens that this nonprofit “election reform advocacy group,” based in Chicago and founded in 2012, has showered more than $6 million in the five largest cities in the crucial swing state of Wisconsin. In July, using COVID-19 as a pretext to boost mail-in and absentee voting, the center released the following amounts to governmental grantees:

—City of Milwaukee: $2,154,500.
—City of Madison: $1,271,788.
—City of Green Bay: $1,093,400.
—City of Kenosha: $862,779.
—City of Racine: $942,100.

Let’s just say that Center for Tech and Civil Life, funded by Mark Zuckerberg, EBay, Google, and other tech billionaires, is the reason True the Vote exists.

CTCL *is* vote-fraud on a popsicle stick.

Philadelphia, which recently locked Republican election judges out of vote-counting centers, receives almost half its election funding from CTCL.

Seriously! Phildelphia budgeted $12 million for elections, and receives another $10 million from CTCL.

So it’s no surprise that last week The Gateway Pundit reported the Trump campaign was forced to sue Philadelphia for blocking poll watchers from polling places.
Via Influence Watch:

In August 2020, CTCL gave $10 million to the city of Philadelphia. Philadelphia’s elections office has an annual budget of $12.3 million.

It appears now that **County Executive Sam Page is taking money from CTCL to harvest ballots in St. Louis County**.
Does Sam believe he has to cheat to win?

Via a tip from a loyal reader:

A campaign staffer was looking into the agenda for the next county council meeting and came across a number of documents that show **the county taking a grant from Center for Tech and Civic Life (CTCL)**. Recently Michelle Malkin put out a piece connecting this group to funding the ballot harvesting efforts in MN that you uncovered… Malkin mentions that a number of counties in WI and PA have also accepted grants. I’m adding STL County to that list. The thing is that it’s looking right now like **Berry might have the votes to upset Page but this new information strongly suggests they are going to attempt to steal it**.

It’s reasonable to suspect foul play whenever a Democrat could benefit from foul play, so the reader’s suspicions are well-founded. Michele Malkin cried foul on CTCL’s tactics on Twitter:

Sam Page kept St. Louis County on lockdown far too long, and now he’s afraid of paying the price at the polls on November 3. He’s calling in the ballot-harvesting experts to save his seat.

If you live in St. Louis County and you don’t want Mark Zuckerberg picking the next County Executive, volunteer to work the polls and election headquarters.


True the Vote can tell you how to get started.

Jennifer Ann has more on this criminal leftist group.

‼️‼️‼️I’m going over the St Louis County Council meeting agenda for Tuesday’s meeting and this STUCK out like a sore…

Posted by Jennifer Ann on Friday, October 2, 2020

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