Cashier at Business Being Pillaged By Black Lives Matter Rioters Hands Out Plastic Bags to Help Mob Carry Their Looted Goods (VIDEO)

A cashier working at a Speedway in Milwaukee handed out bags to the Black Lives Matter looters who were pillaging the store.

The business was left in “complete catastrophe after tonight’s looting,” according to livestreamer Brendan Gutenschwager who was at the scene.

Gutenschwager deleted his tweet with the video of the worker handing out bags, but it had already been mirrored online.

The riots began in Wauwatosa, which is approximately ten minutes outside of Milwaukee, over a black police officer being cleared for shooting a black teenager during an incident outside a mall in January.

In Wauwatosa, the rioters also smashed the windows on people’s homes with rocks.

The riot is in response to Milwaukee County District Attorney announcing that they will not be charging police officer Joseph Mensah for the fatal shooting of Alvin Cole in January. Both the officer and Cole were black.

“I do not believe that the state could disprove self-defense or defense of others in this case and therefore could not meet the burden required to charge Officer Mensah,” the district attorney said in a statement.

The riot is currently ongoing and the Gateway Pundit will be continuing to provide updates as the evening progresses.


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