Bystanders Mock and Livestream Brutal Beating of Police Officer Who Was Injured So Badly He Needed to Be Airlifted to Hospital (VIDEO)

Bystanders in North Carolina mocked and livestreamed the brutal beating of a Rowland police officer on Saturday.

The attack was so severe that the officer had to be airlifted to the hospital for his injuries.

A large portion of the 11 minute attack was broadcast on Facebook Live. During the vicious beating, Rowland Police Office Michael Sales, 27, can be heard asking the bystanders for help, but they mocked him and refused.

“Well, you’re the police. Why Imma help you folk?” the bystander responded, while laughing.

At some point, another person attempted to intervene and get the attacker off of the officer.

“Let him whoop his -ss, goddamn,” the man filming yelled.

“Police scared as hell,” he laughed a moment later. “He said, ‘help me, y’all!’ That man asked me to help him, and he’s the goddamned police.”

The officer’s gun and other equipment were lost during the attack, but have since been recovered.

“That man looking for his goddam gun,” a bystander is heard saying. “Where your gun at? You ain’t got your gun! I’m gonna find that mother—ker…you can’t do nothin’ without your gun!”

Jamel Alphonso Rogers has been charged with assault with a deadly weapon with intentions to kill while inflicting serious injuries, kidnapping and two counts of resisting a public officer.

Officer Sales has now been released from the hospital and is recovering at home, the chief told WPDE.

The Police Tribune reports that Robeson County Sheriff Burnis Wilkins said the brutal attack on Officer Sales exemplified the “harsh reality that law enforcement in America is facing right now.”“Some think it’s okay to Defund the Police, Assault the Police and actually laugh and video the event while it’s occurring while at the same time encouraging the suspect to continue to fight the officer even after the officer has lost his weapon and is obviously disabled,” Sheriff Wilkins wrote in a Facebook post on Saturday morning.


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