BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: Hunter Biden’s “RUSSIAN BLACKMAIL PHOTOS” Uncovered – Hunter with Russians in Hollywood

For years we heard the left claimed Russia was holding blackmail information on Donald Trump. The left even suggested that there was a Russian ‘pee – pee’ tape. 

This was a complete lie. It was all made up. 

But the Russians certainly are holding blackmail tapes on Hunter Biden to use against a Biden administration.

We found the real blackmail photos.  This has nothing to do with President Trump.  But it does have everything to do with THE BIDENS.

Hunter Biden was certainly an addict and may still be.  He put himself in highly compromising situations as a result.  He was high or wasted much of the time and therefore very narcissistic and reckless.  This showed in the way Hunter treated women, his family, friends and drugs.

Hunter’s father Joe Biden used Hunter to put together deals around the world in a racketeering enterprise to increase the Biden family’s wealth.  This occurred throughout Joe’s 47 years in politics.  He’s now running for President.

But it seems the Biden family has a problem.  They were involved in numerous shady activities around the world and they are susceptible to compromise.  In addition, Hunter put his family in additional blackmail situations all by himself.  Because of his addiction, Hunter found himself in shady places with shady people and as a result he put his family in additional security and legal compromising positions.

One such example was in October 2018 on Devlin Drive West Hollywood with some ‘friends’.  Hunter spent a night in this luxurious property with a group of girls and guys.  One member of the group was a girl by the name of Christina.  She has a California driver’s license.  She also spent some time with Hunter.

Christina has some friends.

But these aren’t ordinary friends, it appears they are Russians.  These guys hung out with Hunter Biden at the luxurious property in West Hollywood.

The problem with this vacation was that multiple compromising pictures were taken of him by some of these ‘friends’ and the acts were captured on the CCTV cameras. One such picture shows Hunter in what appears to be an orgy, in others he models naked.

An evaluation of one of the women in the above picture shows that she has a some marking on her upper back. However, after the image was taken, someone covered it up with a black ellipse. We were able to uncover that under the black ellipse, there was a tattoo. This type of marking is similar to tattoos used to brand trafficked sex slaves.

We also know that at least one of the women at villa in West Hollywood was a Russian national who traveled to the US in 2017-2018 on a tourist visa.  We know this because we have a copy of her passport.

Also, Hunter took some shocking photos of himself.

In summary, Hunter Biden, spent some time in 2018 with some Russians at a property in West Hollywood and engaged in perverted sexual activities.   These acts were likely taped and photographed.

As a result of this event, the Bidens became the likely targets of blackmail.  Unlike the fake pee pee images which were alleged in the Steele dossier and the Russia collusion farce the Bidens truly do have a never-ending list problems that should disqualify them from ever holding public office again.

XRVision provided the intel and analysis for this post.

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