Benghazi Hero John ‘Tig’ Tiegen Banned From Facebook and Instagram After Trump Supporter Was Murdered at His Rally in Denver

Facebook and Instagram have banned Benghazi hero John ‘Tig’ Tiegen after Trump supporter Lee Keltner was murdered at his patriot rally in Denver.

The former U.S. Marine Corps Sergeant was one of the brave men who helped defend the U.S. consulate in Benghazi when it was attacked by radical Islamic terrorists in 2012.

Tiegen organized the patriot rally that took place in Denver on Saturday, where Keltner was shot and killed by Matthew Robert Doloff, a leftist activist who was hired to do security for local station 9News — despite not being licensed to do so. He is currently being investigated for first degree murder.

Not long after the rally, Tiegen was banned from Facebook, and Instagram shortly after. The platform claimed that his page “did not follow our Community Standards.”

On Monday, Tiegen urged people to follow him on Parler — saying that he assumes he will be banned from Twitter next.

Tiegen discussed the shooting during an appearance on Tucker Carlson Tonight on Monday evening.


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