Anti-Trump “Lincoln Project” Sr. Advisor Slammed For Asking Journalists To Dox Black Woman For Openly Supporting Trump at NBC Town Hall

Last night, President Trump was invited by NBC to appear in a one-hour town hall on their network. From the moment the Trump town hall began it was clear that NBC’s Savannah Guthrie was not interested in giving Trump the opportunity to share his policies or vision with their viewers, but instead, Guthrie capitalized on her position as host to attack President Trump and harm his candidacy with viewers by asking a question about “white supremacy,” and why he won’t share his taxes with the public, as he explained for the umpteenth time that he is currently under audit and such, is unable to do so.

Meanwhile, over at ABC, Joe Biden was given two hours to campaign with Democrat fanboy George Stephanopolous, while he incoherently stammered through his responses from mostly friendly town hall attendees.

100 Percent Fed Up – A dark-skinned woman seated behind President Trump at the NBC repeatedly nodded in agreement with President Trump as he calmly responded to the hostile host, who explained at the outset of the town hall that the crowd was a mixture of Trump supporters, Biden supporters, and undecided voters. Here’s a video of the woman nodding in agreement with President Trump as he responded to Guthrie’s attacks. Many were calling her the “star of the Trump town hall.”

Tom Nichols, Senior Advisor for the virulently anti-Trump The Lincoln Project, a PAC made up of sore loser Republicans with a lot of money, begged journalists to dox “that woman” who was “nodding behind Trump.” Nichols, who either missed Guthrie’s explanation of the makeup of the audience or simply lied to push a false narrative, referred to the audience as “an ‘undecided’ voter town hall,” and asked journalists to “find out who that woman is,” adding that if they don’t, he doesn’t know what they’re “getting paid for.”

Here’s the tweet:

We’re not sure if Nichols is part of the Democrat Plantation mentality and didn’t think it was okay for a dark-skinned woman to openly show her support for Trump, or if he’s just plain evil and wanted to punish her for daring to express her support for President Trump. Although his motive was unclear, the response to his tweet was swift, brutal, and well-deserved.

“Its a dogs life” tweeted: Why are you asking “journalists” to dox a black woman? 

This Twitter user accused Tom Nichols of voter intimidation for calling for the release of identities of black voters who support Trump: Founders of @ProjectLincoln are publicly calling for the release of the identities of black voters supporting Trump. If this isn’t voter intimidation I don’t know what is.

As it turns out, Joli Mayra, the woman nodding behind President Trump is an immigration attorney from the Dominican Republic and is a huge fan of President Trump.

She posted this exchange with President Trump that took place before the town hall on her Facebook page:



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