17-Year-Old Student Cyberbullied By Teacher and May Be Expelled for Sharing Conservative Content on Instagram

A 17-year-old student at a Virginia boarding school is facing disciplinary action for opposing Black Lives Matter and posting mainstream conservative content on Instagram.

Mackenzie Andrysiak, the student in question, is now being represented by Jesse Binnall, who also represents Michael Flynn with Sidney Powell in a case against the $63,000 a year Episcopal High School.

According to Andrysiak, not only is she facing harsh discipline, including possible expulsion, but the school has also ignored bullying and harassment that she has faced for her conservative views. Even one of her teachers joined in the bullying and inadvertently messaged Andrysiak when he clearly meant to message another student to gossip about her. In the message, he referred to her as a “little sh-t.”

Binnall said in a statement that the school learned about the harassment in June and failed to take any action, instead they began encouraging her to leave.

Townhall, who first broke this story, reports that the school has “a huge tab for “Racism, Understanding, and Belonging” — which appears to be reactionary to the 2020 BLM movement. Indeed, they invited the race-baiting socialist Ibram X. Kendi to give a speech on campus.”

Andrysiak is now facing a disciplinary hearing this week over a private post on Instagram in which she wrote that it is “Absolutely DISGUSTING that @episcopalhs let this man speak at our school. Unbelievable.” She included a screenshot of Fox News reporting on Kendi trashing Amy Coney Barrett as a “white colonizer” for having two adopted black children.

“She refused to bow to the school’s pressure. Once classes resumed last week, she returned to Alexandria from her home in Alaska. The school immediately put the wheels in motion to dismiss her, based upon factually accurate Instagram content that she shared from mainstream third parties,” Binnall explained. “Now they are trying to railroad her through the process, but scheduling a hearing this week, as she tries to prepare for the PSAT.”

The lawyer explained that “they are denying her any outside advisor or advocate at the hearing. She is limited to her school advisor or a faculty member, none of whom will advocate on her behalf or give her the impartial advice she needs or the emotional support she deserves before being put in front of a hard-left virtual firing squad.”

In a letter to the school, Binnall wrote, “Please immediately cease all further disciplinary actions against Mackenzie, advise us of what actions you will take to hold her harassers and bullies accountable for their violations, and issue her a formal and public apology for refusing to act sooner. As you have threatened a disciplinary action this week, time is of the essence; I need to know today whether you intend to comply with your legal duties. If you are represented by counsel in this matter, please have him or her call me immediately so that we may work towards an amicable resolution of this unfortunate matter.”


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