The Two Tiered Justice System Lets ‘The Bail Project’ Go Free for Same Activities They Arrested The ‘We Build the Wall’ Leaders

The two tiered justice system in the US is so disgusting.  Today we provide another example of our corrupt justice system where the Soros connected Bail Project goes free and the We Build the Wall Project leaders are indicted.

We reported on Wednesday:

The U-Haul that began distributing riot supplies in Louisville immediately following the announcement that no officers would be charged for Breonna Taylor’s death was rented to Holly Zoller of the Louisville Bail Initiative.

The pre-parked truck was loaded with shields painted with anti-police messages, umbrellas, gas masks, and other riot supplies.

The Bail Project has an interesting past per

The Bail Project has ties to a number of famous faces. The board of advisors include Richard Branson and Danny Glover, while at least two of the higher up members of the organisation are benefits of the “Soros Justice Fellows” fund, provided by the Open Society Foundation.

Jack Dorsey, the CEO of Twitter, was also found to have ties to the Bail Project. In June, Dorsey’s #startsmall intiative teamed up with Rihanna’s Clara Lionel Foundation, to donate $11 million to organisations that “advance racial equity, with a focus on criminal justice and policing reform.” The Bail Project was a recipient of these funds, along with Black Lives Matter.

Now it has come out that the Bail Project actually received between $350K to $1M in federal COVID relief funds, according to CNN Politics, who tracked down and listed the recipients of the bailout earlier this year. The loan was approved on April 29th, with the lender being Spring Bank.

The Bail project is also connected to Soros:

We also now know that per its website the Bail Project claims to use 100% of all online donations to bring people home:

But this is clearly not what the Bail Project is doing.  As noted above, the Bail Project was behind the rental of a U-haul trailer in Louisville to bring rioters their shields and signs to use in their rioting in that city.

The Southern District of New York (SDNY) recently arrested and indicted members of another outfit who claimed to use 100% of its proceeds to build a portion of the Southern Wall.

The We Build the Wall team collected donations and built a portion of the Southern Wall on the border with these donations.  But the SDNY (out of New York) didn’t like what they were doing so they were arrested.  Fifteen (15) New York USPIS agents drove to Florida to arrest triple amputee Brian Kolfage and drag him into their arrest vehicle with his one good arm!  They wouldn’t allow him to use his wheelchair.  He couldn’t use the legs he has made to get around.  He had to drag himself into the police vehicle.

The media reported during the DNC and only a few days before the RNC that New York agents had arrested Steve Bannon, Brian Kolfage and two others for charges related to them building a segment of the wall on the Southern border.  The news media was primed with fantastical stories of crimes in the court of public opinion.  These ‘fraudsters’ took money to pay for their efforts and expenses while independently building the wall on the Southern border!

We reported on the arrest of Brian Kolfage.  The war hero and triple amputee was arrested on bogus charges related to his, Bannon’s and two other gentlemen’s efforts in building a wall on the Southern Border. The 15 New York USPIS agents who arrested him dragged him into their arrest vehicle with his one good arm!

Why are the leaders of the Bail Project not arrested and dragged into the streets?  They did just as much if not more that friends of President Trump.

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