President Trump is Right – Joe Biden Can’t Fill Up a High School Classroom – Nobody is Showing Up at Biden Events

President Trump points out that nobody is showing up to see Joe Biden – Fact Check True!

Since Labor Day President Trump has entertained more than 240,000 supporters at his rallies and speeches.

During the same period former Obama Vice President Joe Biden has entertained around 84 supporters at his events.

At the debates tonight the subject of rallies and events came up and President Trump stated that no one wants to go to Biden rallies:

Since Labor day we count very few events for Biden and a very small number of attendees not campaign or press related. Some of Biden’s events have had no individuals present other than approved press or campaign workers. Many days, like Saturday, Biden was not even out campaigning.

Below is the summary of events since Labor Day. President Trump has now held events with an estimated 241,330 event goers while Biden has entertained an estimated 84 event goers.

These numbers are estimates and we are open to suggested better numbers for these events but they won’t change the overall summary of our results. This year is worse than 2016. Biden seemingly can’t get out of the basement while President Trump is out almost daily with numerous events on some days.

Americans are noticing. On Friday alone, President Trump opened in Florida with a Latinos for Trump gathering, then he flew to Atlanta for a Black Empowerment speech, then he flew to Washington, D.C. before going to Virginia for a Make America Great rally. He made it home late so he could announce his pick for the Supreme Court on Saturday before another rally in Pennsylvania.

The work ethic of a politician and a billionaire are in full view:

There literally may be more Trump supporters protesting Biden events than Biden attendees at his events.

In Summary – Joe Biden is currently not in the race. He has virtually no events and no attendance at his events when he has them. President Trump is absolutely crushing it.

Biden has not entertained a crowd greater than 30 people since Labor Day and probably no crowd greater than 100 since March.

The polls are garbage, the current race is not even close. The numbers prove it.

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