NBA Donates $300 Million to BLM and the Democrat Party’s Pockets — Now Wants to Set Up Polling Places Which May Be Illegal

Guest post by Bob Bishop

The Democrat Party is a fervent supporter of the Black Lives Matter movement and so is the NBA.

There is no room for diversity of thought in the National Basketball Association.

The Party and its 2020 candidates have never publicly denounced the associated looting, rioting, and wholesale violence. The Democratic National Committee actively uses the BLM movement to solicit for donations. BLM is the de facto wing of the party, and Antifa is BLM’s alter ego.

The NBA has caved into the mob mentality and hyperactive player activism by becoming a promoter of the Black Lives Matter movement and is donating $300 million. The NBA collaborates with local BLM organizations and claims its actions are about non-partisan policy reform (an unlikely story).

Of course this money is going directly to the Democrat Party.  We reported this first in June when we noted that donations to BLM go directly to ActBlue which is the donation site for the Democrat Party.

By donating to Black Lives Matter, many of the donors in the NBA may not realize they are really donating to the Democrat Party:

Now the latest NBA marketing strategy is to use sixteen arenas as mega polling places for early and election day voting ostensibly for social distancing.

The mega-sites’ early election will unfold with the parquet courts decorated with the Black Lives Matter logo, painted murals, and hanging BLM banners to virtue signal the NBA’s support. NBA will be doing voter promos. BLM supporters will be loitering around the arenas wearing slogan T-Shirts, carrying signs, and handing out literature. Players will be putting in appearances at the stadiums for fan selfies and autographs to get out the vote.  By promoting BLM, it directly benefits the Democratic Party candidates. However, by their overt actions, the NBA teams may be violating most state election laws addressing loitering and electioneering.

In the State of Texas, the San Antonio Spurs, Houston Rockets, and Dallas Mavericks have committed to using their arenas.

The organizations must follow the Texas Election Code § 61.003  prohibiting electioneering and loitering within 100 feet of a polling place’s outside door. Sound amplification devices within 1,000 feet of the polling place are not permitted. Voters may not wear a badge, logo, or shirts, hats, and masks with emblems with political messages (i.e., BLM or MAGA). Smartphones or recording devices cannot be used within 100 feet of a voting station.

Texas teams that fail to enforce Texas Election Code § 61.003 are unlawfully influencing or intimidating voters. Each offense is subject to Class C misdemeanors and\or third-class felonies. All other states have comparable statutes.

Voting is a solemn occasion and not a raucous event.  Using the tax-supported public arenas is a disgrace for promoting an anarchist and anti-law enforcement movement.

(Please check your state election laws and contest the actions of your local NBA team. Republican poll watchers must rigidly enforce the election laws at the arenas. It’s about fair elections, not about influencing the vote benefitting the Democratic Party.)

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