MUST SEE: Sidney Powell Speaks Out After Mueller Gang Wiped Clean Info on 27 Phones Requested by Justice Department Inspector General (Video)


Sidney Powell was on FOX Business Network’s (FBN) The Evening Edit with Elizabeth MacDonald.  Ms. Powell who is the attorney for General Michael Flynn knows the Deep State as well as anyone.  She represented clients against Mueller and his creepy top attorney Andrew Weissman in the early 2000’s in Enron linked cases.

Powell shared her experience with Mark Levin at FOX News before she began representing General Flynn.

Here is a segment from that discussion where she called Andrew Weissmann the poster boy for prosecutorial misconduct.  She knows the Mueller gang well:

Powell’s comments on Thursday were explosive as she discussed more criminal acts by the Mueller and Weissmann Deep State gang.

Powell again discussed the Deep State crooks and pushed the Justice Department to indict and prosecute the crooks who were behind the attempted coup of President Trump and the destruction of General Mike Flynn as well. Powell shared:

It’s only gotten worse.  It must be met with indictments this time, extremely serious indictments because they did worse than entrap Flynn.  They framed him.  They made up the false statement.  They made up the original allegations to investigate him and they made up the false statements to prosecute him.

When Liz MacDonald shared that Peter Strzok claims that General Flynn lied twice, Powell said:

Well, Peter Strzok is a liar.  Peter Strzok is the one who altered the 302 multiple times in conjunction with Lisa Page until he added statements that were not reflected in the notes of the two agents that interviewed General Flynn and both agent Strzok and agent Pientka who interviewed him knew at the time he was telling them the truth.  That’s why Flynn was never reinterviewed they didn’t even warn him about a 1001 statement and they didn’t let him look at the transcript like they do ever other witness.  They treated him differently than anyone else they ever interviewed for anything.  They schemed and planned to interview him in such a way he did not even know he was the subject of the interview or investigation and they did that deliberately, violating all the rules in the process.

After discussing the obstruction of justice and destruction of evidence by the Mueller gang in removing information from 27 phones used by the Mueller gang when requested by the DOJ IG, Powell discussed the lies the Obama gang made to the FISA court and dropped this bombshell:

They have been abusing the surveillance system of the United States against 16,000 and more citizens for several years now.  Comey gave the three private contractors unlimited access to the entire NSA database like their own Encyclopedia Britannica.  I bet if they went and looked they would fine that they sold the bulk of the mining operations to the highest bidders wherever in the world they wanted them.

Via The Evening Edit:

This is outrageous!

We reported on these contractors years ago and again this week.  Why do we not know who these contractors were?  Their names are still redacted in the report issued in April 2017.

Why Won’t Deep State Release Which Outside Contractors Received Personal Data from Obama’s FBI and Why Were These Names Redacted in the First Place?

Americans are outraged and ready for the truth and we want it now – before the 2020 election.

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