Leftist Mob Swarms and Violently Attacks Kaitlin Bennett at University of Central Florida (VIDEO)

An intolerant leftist mob swarmed and attacked political commentator and activist Kaitlin Bennett for the crime of being a conservative at the University of Central Florida on Thursday.

The young woman being attacked for her political views trended on Twitter, with the platform (and arguably, publisher) labeling the incident as “Conservative provocateur Kaitlin ‘gun girl’ Bennett draws a crowd on the UCF campus,” downplaying the violence of it all.

Bennett posted video from the incident on Twitter, writing that “left-wing terrorists at @UCF attacked my security & I, wished death on me, & forced me to need a police escort off campus, all because I support @realDonaldTrump . I am calling on Donald Trump to #DefundUCF & any other university that lets domestic terrorists shut down free speech.”


“Imagine having such a visceral emotional reaction to Kaitlin Bennett coming to your college campus to talk about a DIFFERENT POLITICAL VIEW that you violently attack her and her bodyguards?” Conservative entrepreneur and activist Mike Coudrey tweeted with a video of the incident. “No way to act in civil society!”

Bennett and her crew were mobbed so badly by hundreds of students that they had to hide out in a bagel shop until they could get a police escort to leave the campus.

In a statement about the attack on someone for their political views, UCF victim-blamed and said that “the group’s,” meaning Bennett and her security, “presence on campus today was intended to agitate and offend many members of out community.” They also condemned them for not wearing masks, while ignoring the behavior of their students.

The attacks on Bennett when she visits college campuses to conduct her infamous “man on the street” style interviews about politics and current events for Liberty Hangout have been seemingly escalating.

In February, what was described as a full on “riot” by witnesses broke out at Ohio University during her visit.

“We went there to film a President’s Day Trivia video, similar to my other trivia videos on Liberty Hangout. We were only able to ask one person one question before a mob started to form and eventually turned into a riot. They started throwing objects at us, hitting me in the face several time. They dumped hot coffee on me, and then several other beverages on my friend Joel Patrick. When we finally made it to our ride, they were jumping on the truck and beating the windows trying to break it,” Bennett told The Gateway Pundit at the time.

Following the February incident, Bennett tweeted that President Trump “should strip funding from universities like this that harbor terrorists.”


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