MORE FBI CORRUPTION IN FLYNN CASE: Overnight Attorney Sidney Powell Received 40 More Pages of Documents Showing Obama Deep State Wrong Doing

Sidney Powell was on Lou Dobbs at FOX Business tonight and she shared that the FBI just last night provided more documents to her and her client General Michael Flynn pertinent to their case and his exoneration.  It’s outrageous that he (General Flynn) is only now receiving these documents that should have been provided to him years ago.

Techno Fog was first to release and comment on the documents released overnight in the Flynn case:

In his first couple of tweets, Techno Fog points out that the Flynn case was kept open after the meeting in the White House with President Obama.  A few days later the participants in the discussion (who are redacted) discuss obtaining professional liability insurance.

They all obviously knew they were doing something wrong.  (Note that a few days after this event Susan Rice left a CYA email to herself as well.):

A few days later on January 13, 2017, only days before President Trump’s Inauguration, the individuals involved in the text messages were texting about who leaked the Kislak call taken with General Flynn.  The next email shows that Flynn did nothing wrong nor did he show any willfulness to break any laws  but someone named “Bruce” decided to file subpoenas to the Flynn group and others anyways:

Back on December 5, 2016, a memo between redacted shows that they put out “traces and tripwires” and they found nothing.  Much is yet to be digested and investigated in the exhibits:

Sidney Powell was on with Lou Dobbs at FOX Business and she shared the following about this data provided to her overnight.  But first Powell noted that the government on May 7 filed to dismiss the Flynn case with pages of evidence that Flynn did nothing wrong and the government should never have even investigated him let alone indicted him.

Then Powell said:

Now we have an additional 40 pages of documents just produced to us late last night by the government finally pried out of the FBI – extricated like trying to pull a wisdom tooth apparently.  And it shows even more evidence that the agents knew they were making it up to the point that they sought professional liability insurance for themselves realizing they would be sued if anyone ever found this.

They made a comment about FOIA, if this is ever FOIAéd, produced under the Freedom on Information Act, there’s gonna be an awful lot of questions to answer.  There was one comment after the other that shows they knew that they were playing games with General Flynn’s life.  They did that and have done that for four years.


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