EXCLUSIVE: Author of BLM Book “In Defense of Looting” Is An Occupy Wall Street Transgender with Connections to the NYTimes, China and Obama

The criminal actions of rioters and Black Lives Matter are fine with the Democrat Party, one of America’s two largest parties.  “Vicky”Osterweil’s book, “In Defense of Looting” encourages the radical left’s and BLM’s criminal acts of violence including ‘looting’.

A couple of weeks ago, Ariel Atkins,a young woman in Chicago encouraged her BLM gang to go ahead and loot the Chicago strip, it was the right thing to do:

These actions are supported by the left and many Democrats and one book even encourages this in its title, “In Defense of Looting”.   The book started as an article in 2014, when author Willie Osterweil published a report with the same name at the website The New Inquiry:

In 2014 Osterweil was supporting BLM’s actions in Ferguson when the group was busy burning the St. Louis suburb to the ground. 

He also was a member of a punk band that wasn’t very good but was good in putting together vile material.

Young Willie started his career  with Occupy Wall Street when he was arrested with 700 others for stopping traffic on the Brooklyn Bridge.  Somehow his charges were dropped, which is almost unheard of.  By 2016, William had put on some weight and was changing in other ways as well.

Willie later met Sophie Lewis, a writer for The New York Times.  They shared fond memories together like strip drag parties and writing.

Soon the couple wed and held parties in Boston and Philadelphia.  Their father, involved in research at MIT, claimed that they would both soon “set the world on fire!”

With their support of BLM, they certainly have.

Mr. Osterweil was an advisor at the Obama White House.

Mr. Osterweil also is shown with a group of Chinese from Beijing who visited MIT in a technology transfer team with the PLA.

We don’t know how much information was stolen by the Chinese through this effort.

Hat tip Yaacov Apelbaum for entire story.

Messed up individuals that promote looting and violence will mess up nations.

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