Clearly the China Coronavirus Is Fizzling Out But It’s Difficult to See This Due to Mixed Messages from the Media and Misleading Reporting

(above chart showing number of deaths by age group through August 29 from the CDC.)

Based on our observations below, the China coronavirus pandemic is winding down in the US today.  Schools should be open and Americans should already be back to their normal lives. 

Any opposition to this is purely political or based on misinformation.

The China coronavirus pandemic is a colossal pandemic of misinformation. It has been since the beginning. What is most telling is that after all that has been learned and pointed out wrong in the reporting of the China coronavirus, the important issues have still not been addressed. This is because of politics.

Below are some observations that prove that the coronavirus is fizzling out despite what the media is reporting.

New Cases

Today the Worldometer site shows the following new cases –

But we know that the above number is flawed because we are testing more, way more people than in March.  If we were testing at the same level as in March, the number of new cases would be minuscule:

Active Cases

The better measurement for the current impact of the coronavirus is active cases, but unfortunately since the beginning of the pandemic the authorities who oversee this reporting must have made a decision not to spend the energy to maintain this reporting because the number is clearly not reported accurately.  The number of active cases in the US is no where near the numbers currently reported at the Worldometer website – the number is not accurate and is clearly not maintained in the US:


Because new cases and active cases are not maintained properly we are left with faulty death statisticson the severity of the China coronavirus pandemic.  From today’s reporting at the Worldometer site the number deaths are winding down and reached their peak in April across the US:

When you dissect the numbers at the state level you see the reason for the increase in deaths reported in July.  Below are the number of deaths reported for Florida  – the media wants to you to believe these results are alarming:

Of course, any death related to coronavirus is alarming.  But this reporting is not accurate.  The deaths reported by Worldometers show all deaths reported on a particular day based on the day the deaths are reported and not the date of death.  The lag in reporting is one question (i.e. why are deaths from a month ago only now reported as coronavirus deaths?), but when mapping deaths by date of death you arrive at a much different picture:

Mapping deaths by date of death shows the China coronavirus is dying out across the nation.  Deaths reported by the CDC show this:

Per the above it is also evident those under the age 24 are almost immune to the China coronavirus which indicates any efforts to shut down schools are not based on facts.

Also, as reported last weekend only 6% of all China coronavirus deaths in the US are related only to the coronavirus.  The remaining 94% of coronavirus deaths have at least one comorbidity and on average have 2.6 comorbidities.

It’s clear no matter how hard the Democrats and their fraudulent media try to spin it, the China coronavirus is dying out. 

Americans should get their lives back to normal.  Dr. Fauci should be fired and sent home.  Efforts to shut down schools or not vote in person are purely political.

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