Black Activist Marches Through San Francisco Chanting ‘White Lives Matter,’ Urges White People to Be Proud of Their Skin — Police Called (VIDEO)

A brave and bold black YouTuber marched down a busy street in the outskirts of San Francisco chanting “white lives matter” and demanding that white people should not be made to feel guilty about the color of their skin.

Ironically, police were called by angry liberals.

In the video, first reported on by Nationalist Review, YouTuber “Savage Audits” filmed himself and people’s reactions to his commonsense statements, while also hilariously calling people who were upset by his stance “libtards.”

Savage Audits ranted about the crazy liberals who want segregation on college campuses, calling their sentiments “unAmerican.”

“WHITE LIVES MATTER! WHITE LIVES MATTER! Anybody who supports segregated safe spaces on our college campuses that exclude people is an unAmerican bigoted piece of filth,” the YouTuber shouted. “White lives matter! White lives matter! White lives matter!”

When a man flipped him off, Savage Audits immediately turned to him and asked “what, white lives don’t matter, brother?”

As the activist continued down the street, he saw a young white boy with his dog. “White lives matter young man and don’t forget it. Don’t let anybody put shame or guilt into you. You did nothing wrong. Slavery ended over 150 years ago,” he tells him.

The Nationalist review notes that “One woman nodded along as Savage Audits listed the accomplishments of Europeans and others were surprised to hear that colleges have begun re-segregating certain areas of campus, like Oklahoma University chose to do earlier this month.”

“It’s okay to be white!” he repeatedly shouts.

The situation grew tense when a confrontational man approached him and the activist warned him that any violence would be a huge mistake. Police were subsequently called.

Ultimately, the man was allowed to continue on his way.



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