BIG TECH COLLUSION: Facebook, Twitter and Google Announce Measures to Censor Pro-Trump Information Before the Election

Big Tech companies are putting in place measures that will prevent Trump supporters from openly communicating and promoting their candidate before and after the election.  Big tech will collectively put their knee on the neck of democracy.

After the 2016 election the Democrats, who had run the US into the ground during the previous eight years of the Obama Administration, put together a plan to destroy the new media (i.e. entities like The Gateway Pundit) which helped share President Trump’s message before the election.  Their plan, endorsed and disseminated by Soros-funded Media Matters, was to crush and destroy every successful new media outlet which shared information complimentary to the truth and in support of President Trump.

And they did.

Drudge Report is now linking to radical anti-American, anti-Trump articles.

Numerous individuals have had their accounts taken down by Twitter which shadow-bans and censors pro-Trump accounts, adds disclaimers to tweets, and misrepresents the number of followers and responses to tweets.  For example, President Trump with more than 85 million followers rarely receives more than 15,000 retweets to his individual tweets which compares to other accounts with less than a half a million followers.  To see the President’s tweets a follower has to go to his account because his tweets are not shared.  This happens to many, if not all, large and small effective conservative accounts.  Twitter is now even taking down tweets the President shares.

Facebook stopped freely sharing conservative posts shortly after the election.  Individuals might share a conservative article but the article never reaches the ‘friends’ of the Facebook user, and if it does, it’s buried in the individual’s timeline.

Google has manipulated nearly all searches.  If you pull up questions related to President Trump the information comes from far-left hateful sites with bogus reports like CNN, ABC, CBS, MSNBC, Politico and other far-left media outlets.  Searches on topics positive towards the President are manipulated and directed to the hateful anti-Trump sites.  Searches of conservative sites like this one will bring up bogus liberal fact-checker articles that disparage this site’s message.  The same is rarely if ever done for pro-Hillary and now Biden sites.

Note that this was all done while the Republican Party, which controlled the House for two years and the Senate for four years, did nothing.  Freedom of speech is now nearly gone!  A Biden Presidency will eliminate it totally. 

Now Big Tech is going to further interfere with the 2020 election by implementing unheard of measures to further prevent Republicans and President Trump from winning the upcoming election while Republicans slept.


Creepy Mark Zuckerberg started off the recent announcements by Big Tech stating that Big Tech needs to “prepare the American people that there’s nothing illegitimate with this election taking days or even weeks to make sure all the votes are counted”.

(Why Zuckerberg feels his face helps when communicating tyrannical actions to the public is a wonder.)  Of course these actions are unusual and have never happened before on such a large scale.

Prior to this Facebook shared other anti-Trump policies:

This policy only hurts Republicans and the President.  For the week before the election, only pro-Biden messages shared on social media from the mainstream Biden-loving media will be shared while Trump won’t be allowed to even buy ads to share his message.


Twitter now has announced its plans to prevent anyone from Tweeting that President Trump won the election after election day:


Tech giant Google announced that it will manipulate search parameters to prevent users from finding answers to their election questions after the election:


The Democrats and Big Tech want and need to win.  It’s all about power.  They are working together to win this election at all costs.  They are already claiming their horrible candidate, former Obama Vice President Joe Biden, who can barely function due to the 77-year-old becoming senile, is winning in the polls.

But this doesn’t make sense.  Just since Monday, President Trump has held events with more than 20,000 attendees while Biden has held events with only 41 attendees!  Of course, if you use your own eyes and judgment, there is no way Biden is winning in any legitimate poll against the President.

The only way the Democrats, their media, and their Big Tech can win this election with this candidate (Biden) is to delay vote counting, add enough votes to steal the election, and then claim like they always do that they won or the election was tainted if they can’t manufacture enough votes.

The only fair thing to do is to put in place laws to prevent Big Tech censorship altogether.  Allow people to choose what they individually want to censor, not Mark Zuckerberg and the rest of the Bid Tech gang.

Too bad the Republicans will do nothing to stop them.  Again, the weight of the free world lands on the shoulders of President Trump to address the election abuse already in place from the far-left.  The Republican Party continues to fail him and their supporters.
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