The Barnett 302 Released Last Week Proves Weissmann Ran the Mueller Gang and Wanted It to Last For Trump’s Term

The release of the Barnett 302 last week tells a story about the Durham investigation.

Sidney Powell recommended to followers to look into an article online about the release of the Barnett 302 last week:

Some comments on the article:

Mueller and Gang wanted to find a Trump Russia connection:

An interesting but all too brief passage concerns Robert “Bob” Mueller, and highlights his Captain Ahab-like tendency to get fixated on erroneous theories of a case–a tendency that he has repeatedly exhibited throughout his career. Speaking of the attempt to prove some sort of “quid pro quo” in the Flynn – Kislyak phone calls that could also involve Trump, Barnett relates:

MUELLER described [KT] MCFARLAND as the “key to everything” because MCFARLAND was the link between TRUMP, who was at Mar-a-Lago with MCFARLAND, and FLYNN, who was in the Dominican Republic on vacation, when [REDACTED: calls?] were made.

MCFARLAND was interviewed on numerous occasions.

In other words, Mueller–and presumably the rest of his “all stars,” had a conviction of Trump’s guilt and a theory to match it, and couldn’t let the facts get in the way. In the most benign interpretation, Mueller’s conviction was based on the assumption that the communications between Flynn and Kislyak couldn’t possibly have been normal course of business–collusion and a quid pro quo was a given. However, a less benign interpretation is possible, since Mueller and the entire Team Mueller had the transcripts of the phone calls.

That mentality led to interview tactics that Barnett considered questionable from an objective investigative standpoint. Barnett describes the numerous interviews of McFarland as being very “general,” lacking in follow up questions. He attributes this tactic to a desire to elicit general responses that could be spun by Team Mueller for their desired ends. He describes that interview tactic also with regard to interviews–also numerous–of Michael Flynn. The picture we get is of prosecutors attempting to wear down people into saying things in a way that could be used against Trump.

Mueller’s goon attorneys were in charge:

My references to “Team Mueller” in the foregoing account suggests the other major focus for Jensen. When I referred to “Team Mueller” it is very apparent from the 302 that it’s the attorneys who took the lead in everything. The investigative agents were pretty much just along for the ride. Here’s how Barnett describes it:

BARNETT said working with the SCO was a very unique environment for him. Typically investigators push for legal process and have to explain the need for the request to the attorneys. BARNETT said the SCO attorneys were pushing for legal process and just wanted investigators to sign affidavits they prepared. Everything was “green-lighted” by the SCO, i.e., you could get whatever legal process you wanted. BARNETT did not see the investigator/attorney relationship as 50/50. At the SCO, BARNETT believed the investigators were looked at as a “speed bump” to the attorneys who were leading the investigation. BARNETT said the investigators assigned to the [REDACTED] and RAZOR investigations were doing what they were assigned to do.

Weissmann wanted to stick around for the duration of Trump’s term and continue his criminal actions in harassing the President of the United States.

ADDENDUM: Commenter AmericanCardigan has provided a quote from Andrew Weissmann that offers a stunning illustration of what Team Mueller was actually all about:

Here’s Mr. Wonderful’s recent Political article from his recent book justifying his existence as the best prosecutor in the U.S. In his words “Barr’s letter (March 24, 2019) was a shot across the bow, signaling that the checking function Mueller provided on the actions of the president had come to an abrupt end.” Weissmann’s thinking here is that the SOC was intent on sticking around for the long haul to serve as a separate function to prepare to pounce on the Executive branch for the term. Unbelievable. think I know what the predication for an investigation is–or should be. But what would be the predication for a “checking function”?

Others are suggesting Durham will not issue a report and the release of recent documents is Durham building a picture and he’s looking into the Clinton Foundation:

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