It Appears COVID-19 Is Fizzling Out Across the Nation According to Recent Evidence

We reported back in March that if the China coronavirus worked like other viruses it would begin slowing down in its severity by late summer.

In March it was clear that the China coronavirus was spreading but not likely escalating.

We also reported that the China coronavirus would decline no matter what the media and so-called experts were reporting.  This was because most viruses are on a bell-shaped curve as the numbers from China and South Korea at that time revealed:

But here is what the media is reporting on the coronavirus now for new cases in the US:

What happened?  Why did the number of new cases drastically increase in July over prior months?

Another individual at Twitter uncovered the reason and reported it in a graph to tell the story:

Twitter user ‘Ethical Skeptic’ claims that the number of new cases has increased simply due to more individuals being tested than before.

If the US was testing at the same rate as in March, for example, the number of cases would be down to only a few as shown in the chart above.

Also, there’s been a process behind the madness of more testing.  With increased testing comes increased cases which leads to media panic and then demand for more testing.

This example of mob rule has harmed the US rather than help it.

Nevertheless, the number of cases is beginning to decrease despite more and more tests being performed.

The coronavirus, if it acts like other viruses, is on a bell-shaped curve.  Data supports this.  This virus is beginning a downward trend and has been for some time no matter what the media tells you.
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