“Appalling… Stunning… Third World… Political Prosecution” Sidney Powell Announces She Is Filing a Motion to Disqualify Corrupt Judge Sullivan in Flynn Case

Yesterday the General Flynn case was back in court again. 

After more than four years of corrupt investigations and indictments and the government finally acknowledging their crimes in setting up General Flynn, the government decided to drop its case after a review within the DOJ.

But this did not stop the corrupt Deep State to continue their prosecution of General Flynn.  The corrupt judge in the case refuses to close the case and has even brought in his very own ‘special counsel’ to help him prosecute the case.  This has never happened before in US history.  It is corrupt to the core and when the case was taken to the corrupt Appellate Court in DC they allowed it to continue.

War hero and good man General Flynn remains an abused and persecuted man due to his knowledge of Obama era corruption and his desire to clean it all up with the Trump team. 

During the hearing Powell told the judge that he had abject bias a couple of times.  She then shared:

We will be filing a motion to disqualify him because the comments he made today reflect pure political ambitions and continuing the prosecution of General Flynn and other actions since the court remanded it to him also to the same.  It was absolutely appalling Lou.  It was just nothing short of stunning.  I would have thought we were in a third world country where political prosecutions are common place…

…Yes, they have gone after him, hammer and tongs.  No amount of evidence that has been produced would dissuade them.  In fact the way they dealt with that was to simply pretend that it does not exist.  It was obvious Judge Sullivan had not even read the multiple exculpatory files that had been given to him.  He clearly didn’t know that the first plea was void because Judge Contreras had to be recused or that he had failed to do a complete Rule 11 colloquy in the second instance.  That’s because he apparently hasn’t read our briefs on those subjects.  He’s focused only on what his friend Mr. Gleeson gave him to read which belies the actual facts that cause and require the case be dismissed.

From Lou Dobbs on FOX Business

It really comes down to this.  Do we have a fair and just Justice system or are we a banana republic?  Right now it looks like we are a banana republic due to the massive corruption and criminal acts of the Obama Administration that have yet to be cleaned up.

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