WATCH Portland Antifa/Black Lives Matter Threaten: ‘You’re Playing With Gang Members, We’ll Shoot Every One of You’

Members of Portland Black Lives Matter and Antifa threatened and assaulted a group of men who showed up, while accusing them of being “fascists.”

The militant leftists shined the lasers they have been using the blind officers in their eyes and threw projectiles while threatening them.

At one point, the militants threatened to kill the men, demanding that “you’re playing with gang members, we’ll shoot every one of you.”

It is unclear who the men were, but they were not violent. They were wearing shirts that said “Freedom Fighter” and “American Wolf.” They had a limousine waiting for them that also had a web address for “American Wolf.”

The website said that they are pro-government, but called George Floyd’s death an “execution.”

“The War WE have been fighting was a nonviolent one based on the pen not the sword. However the Enemy is currently pushing us to violence. When the public EXECUTION of George Floyd in Minneapolis occurred WE were pushed to the brink. WE must keep our eye on the goal and not play into the hands of the enemy. They cannot use a foreign force to destroy US and are trying to push us to destroy ourselves,” the American Wolf website reads.

As they attempted to go to their limo, the rioters followed and threw things at them and the violent threats continued.

When they finally got into their car and left, a militant on a motorcycle followed them.

A riot was also declared nearby at the Penumbra Kelly police building.


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