Steven Schrage Comes Out of Nowhere on Maria Bartiromo’s Show and Muddies the Waters – Is He a True Patriot or Deep State Slime?

This morning Steven Schrage joined Maria Bartiromo on Sunday Morning Futures. Now that we and others have had some time to look at it, we have some observations and questions.

We reported earlier this morning that Schrage spoke with Maria Bartiromo in his first interview in three years since the Obamagate coup of President Trump started.  Schrage worked with Obamagate spy, Stefan Halper, for years and, reportedly, introduced Halper to Carter Page back in 2016, while Halper was spying on the Trump campaign.  Schrage told Maria, “Halper was not that engaged up to the point he crossed paths with Page and Christopher Steele’s former MI6 boss Sir Richard Dearlove…”

Schrage said he was surprised that Stefan Halper was making over a half a million dollars for writing reports for the government.  Then Schrage claimed the real smoking gun is this:

All these tentacles lead back to the “small group” including Stefan Halper in SpyGate, Christopher Steele at the center of Russiagate, Stefan Halper’s FBI handler. None of the Senate has subpoenaed or called these people to talk in four years. I think that is the real smoking gun. How are these people being protected?

Schrage brought an audiotape interview of a conversation he claims was with Halper back in early 2017.  This occurred supposedly a couple of days before a huge hit piece was published by the Washington Post on General Flynn.  Schrage claims in looking back that it was interesting Halper knew about General Flynn’s upcoming problems before anything was published in the news.

Schrage then added that he believes there were quite a few Republicans involved in leaking these damning smears against the Trump campaign.

Via Sunday Morning Futures:

Unfortunately, after looking at this interview there are many questions.

We’re not alone.  The Conservative Treehouse made these observations today:

First, in an article to accompany his media effort, Schrage waxes philosophical and woefully about how his years-long good friend and PhD supervisor, Stephan Halper, the one-legged character in the metaphor, turned out to be a politically motivated snake and spy.  Oh, but all the years previous this wasn’t noticed?  Not buying it.

Second, Schrage sat and watched Michael Flynn and Svetlana Lokhova get raked over the coals for three+ years only now, right now, to find his conscience bothered by his participation in assisting the lies pushed by his friend against them?  Isn’t that convenient timing?… Yeah, sure. I might have been born at night, but I wasn’t born last night.

Third, Schrage notes he was interviewed by John Durham. Horsepucky. Durham doesn’t interview anyone; someone else does, someone very specific; and the fact that Schrage has no clue who that person is implies an aspect to the side-show he now presents as total nonsense.  In short, this is a distraction story…. Look over there…. shiny things.

Svetlana Lokhova on Schrage:

And there is more.

The last we heard about Mr. Schrage was in February 2020, when he was at CPAC secretly sitting behind General Flynn’s son Mike Flynn, Jr.  at a presentation given by Svetlana Lokhova, another target of Schrage’s teacher, Stefan Halper:

Mystery Man in Spygate Scandal — Steven Schrage — Shows Up at CPAC and Was Sitting Behind Michael Flynn Jr.

Mr.  Schrage was also in the news a year ago when Rep. Devin Nunes mentioned his name on Sunday Morning Futures and encouraged him to come in and talk with the House:

Now today suddenly Schrage appears and offers his comments?  Schrage claims that he was just an innocent student of Halper’s at Cambridge.  He also notes that he previously worked in the White House (for GW Bush), then he decided to go to the UK and work on his PhD.  His teacher was Halper.  Nothing smells right about this picture.

Next Schrage discusses having a conference which included a number of big names in the spy community and in Obamagate.  He claims that how Page got there was a comedy of errors but they wanted someone from the Trump campaign at this event.

When Maria asked him about Halper receiving hundreds of thousands of dollars for spy work, Schrage says:

I have never heard of that in an academic setting, providing that much compensation for these types of reports.

So we guess in a non-academic setting this was customary?

Schrage next provided a recording of a discussion he had with Stefan Halper on January 10, 2016.  Based on his past, we need some support that it is legitimate with some sort of time stamp.

Then Schrage said that he worked with investigators to look into Obamagate and that he just uncovered the Halper recording which was the reason he came out now.   He said he needed to come forward before the Flynn hearing.  Well isn’t he a little late?

Schrage then mentions that he talked to John Durham which is already noted above.  This makes no sense.  Then he said this needs to be known long before the election.  (What?  He waited three and a half years but now it is “long before the election”?)

Some believe that Schrage coming out today is to help Durham because now Durham can say this information came from someone other than Durham:

Time will tell what is really going on with Schrage. But currently there are too many questions to take Schrage at his word.

Learn a lot more about Schrage from Roscoe B. Davis.


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