Portland Assault Victim Identified, GoFundMe Launched By Brother

Adam Haner and Tammie Martin. Picture from Haner’s facebook page.

The victim of the brutal assault that took place in Portland late Sunday has been identified as Adam Haner, and the blonde woman who was also assaulted appears to be his girlfriend, Tammie Martin. Haner’s older brother, Brian, has launched a Go Fund Me to help his younger brother. The older Haner says that his brother is alive and back home, resting.

Not much else is revealed on the page, as it only repeats what was in one of the tweets posted by Andy Ngo and Drew Hernandez (@livesmattershow), along with a brief message from Brian Haner:

Adam was trying to help someone and was then attacked.

This page was made by Adam Haner’s older brother Brian Haner. I’m not a pro GFM person, after I found out he was still alive, (took all day it seemed like) I set this up to help him out. I moved to AZ two weeks ago, so I can’t be there in Ptown for him. Everyone that can, please share or donate to help him. He is home sleeping. Thanks.

Click here to go to the Adam Haner GoFundMe.

As of this writing, the GoFundMe had only been active for 3 hours but has already raised nearly $5,000 toward a goal of $8,000. With as much publicity as this is getting, the Haners might want to raise that goal.

UPDATE: The Go Fund Me has now raised close to $31,000 barely 13 hours since it was launched.

The elder Haner has added this info as well:

I’m Brian Haner. Just moved to Apache Junction AZ two weeks ago . Adam Haner’s is my little brother. He’s living in Portland, I was right across the river from him in Vancouver WA before I moved. Hoping this money will help Adam get things together for his life after the attack he suffered. I know he will need repairs, or to replace the truck that was wrecked. He is going to need time to recover from his injuries as well. Plus replace things that where stolen from his pick-up that night, on Aug 16th. which happens to be my birthday. His girlfriend had some help getting his truck towed home while he slept tonight, Aug 17th. Maybe he will use some of this money to move out of Portland, or just use it to move up. I really don’t care what he uses it for. He would give the shirt off his back to help any of the people around him, and he really didn’t deserve what happened to him in Portland. I’ll supply updates here as I can, and may update the ‘story’ on the GFM to better detail how this will all get handled. I really through this up in a hurry, because I was getting so many messages to start the GFM for him. After spending most of my day looking for information on what happened to him, and letting my mom and family know he was alive and home, I started replying to all the DM’s and messages on social media, and started this GFM and replied to as many massages as I could. I currently have enough free time in Arizona to mostly keep up with something this demanding. So hopefully, I’ll get to reply to all of you that have question, want proof it’s really for Adam, and get you updates as there is information available. Huge Thank You to everyone showing him support. This is going to be an awakening experience for my brother in so many ways. He’s always been cynical about the world at large, but has always been someone willing to step up and speak up to help someone being treated unfairly.


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