NFL Teams – The Jets, Colts and the ‘Washington Football Team’ All Cancel Practices to Focus on Social Justice Issues

You just can’t make this stuff up.  1984 has arrived in the NFL in 2020.

The USAToday is reporting that at least three football teams are cancelling practices to focus on social justice issues:

Several NFL teams canceled practice Thursday to focus on social justice issues and protest the shooting of Jacob Blake, following decisions by the Milwaukee Bucks and other pro sports teams to not play the previous day.

The Indianapolis Colts, New York Jets and Washington Football Team were among the teams to cancel practice, announcing their decisions either Wednesday night or Thursday morning. Indianapolis and Washington both announced that they would instead spend the day discussing social justice issues and working toward change.

“Friday we can return to football. But (Thursday) will be about reflection instead,” Washington Football team coach Ron Rivera said in a statement Wednesday night. “In place of our practice at FedExField, the players, coaches and football staff will meet as a football family and we will continue our open dialogue on the issues of racism and social injustice in our country.”

Thursday’s cancellations come two days after a similar move by the Detroit Lions, the first NFL team to scrap practice to focus on social justice issues this week.

Of course, the Washington Redskins are now referred to as the Washington Football Team because they have to change their team name from Redskins to something else.  Whatever they change their name to based on this reasoning will some day need to be changed again, because no doubt they will be offending someone somewhere with their new name.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell is fully woke:

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell said that he wishes “we had listened earlier” to what Colin Kaepernick was trying to bring attention to when he began kneeling for the national anthem in 2016.

Americans are getting sick of young millionaires not going to work because they are so woke and yet if the average American worker did the same, they would be fired.
Americans also would like to enjoy sports without having liberal lunacy shoved in their faces. 

The NFL under Roger Goodell is a mess.


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