Mainstream Media Ignores Story of White Teenage Girl’s Murder, As They Always Seem To Do When the Suspects Are Black

The brutal murder of 17-year-old Veronica Lee Baker in North Carolina has become another shocking crime ignored by the national media because the victim was white and the people involved in her murder are black.

While some may argue this is a local crime that should only be covered by local news, the media reports on every slight and insult by a white person against a person of color, see the cases of Amy Cooper or the Covington kids for a couple of examples. If a white woman simply calling the police on a black person who was threatening her is national news, surely murders of white women killed by black strangers should be as well.

Baker was shot in her vehicle at a Bojangles restaurant in Garner, south of Raleigh, on Saturday night. Her car was still running when her body was found. The 9-1-1 call by the restaurant employee who found her has been released to the public.

Keyshara Michelle Deans, 19; Nezyiha Zamir Collins, 19; and Tyreek Qumay Rogers, 18, were arrested and charged with felony accessory after the fact to murder, the News & Observer reported Tuesday night. The name of the person who police believe to have pulled the trigger has not been released, as he is 17-years-old. He has been arrested.

“She didn’t deserve to get shot and killed and left in a parking lot,” Jim Baker, Veronica’s father, told local station WRAL.

The Bakers believe that the murder may have been part of a robbery.

“She was my baby. She was my baby who had a future. She had such big, big plans for her future,” said her mother, Laura Baker. “My daughter would never hurt anybody. She didn’t have a fighting chance in this. She was a good girl; she has the biggest heart.”

The Nationalist Review reports, “NBC and ABC, despite both having regional affiliates covering this story, have not issued a report on their national websites. Do you see the pattern developing? A similar chain of events followed the execution of 5-year-old Cannon Hinnant, whose story was only covered by CNN after the hashtag “Say His Name” trended nationwide for a full day. Hinnant’s murder also took place in North Carolina.”

Veronica Baker was supposed to start college on Monday.


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